文章目录一、牙痛吃什么好1. 牙痛吃什么食物2. 牙痛的粥类食疗3. 牙痛的汤类食疗二、牙痛的治疗妙招三、导致牙痛的原因有哪些牙痛吃什么好1、牙痛吃什么食物1.1、苦瓜:苦瓜性寒,味苦,有消炎退热、解毒败火的功效,发病时食用,可减轻牙痛。

What to eat for toothache 1. What food to eat for toothache 2. Porridge food therapy for toothache 3. Soup food therapy for toothache 2. Treatment tips for toothache 3. What are the causes of toothache? What food to eat for toothache 1. Bitter gourd: bitter gourd is cold in nature and tastes bitter. It has the effect of anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, detoxification and disinfestation. It can reduce toothache when it is eaten when it is sick.


1.2 asparagus: asparagus is cool, sweet, and has the effect of clearing away heat and promoting body fluid. It can be used with wax gourd to clear away heat, and is suitable for toothache.


1.3 celery: celery is cool in nature and sweet in taste. It has the effect of heat clearing and detoxification. It can be used for juicing and drinking when toothache occurs, which can relieve the symptoms of toothache.


1.4. Mung bean: mung bean has the function of clearing away heat and toxin. When patients with toothache get sick, appropriate consumption can slow down the symptoms of toothache.


1.5, ginger: ginger has anti-inflammatory analgesic effect, toothache when fresh ginger, bite in the painful teeth, can reduce toothache, do not swallow.


1.6. Plum: Plum can clear liver heat, generate fluid, promote diuresis and detumescence, and has a certain effect on relieving toothache symptoms.


2. Congee food therapy for toothache 2.1. Congee with salted egg and oyster sauce: 2 salted duck eggs, 100g oyster sauce (dried oyster meat), rice and congee for 2-3 days.


It is suitable for those with toothache caused by deficiency fire.


2.2. Preserved egg, preserved bean curd, salty and lean pork porridge: 2 preserved eggs, 60g preserved bean curd, 100g salty and lean pork, and rice (or millet) for 2-3 days.


It is suitable for those who suffer from dental caries.


2.3, oyster sauce preserved egg salted lean pork porridge: oyster sauce 100 grams, preserved egg 2, salted lean pork 100 grams, rice appropriate amount of porridge.


Suitable for yin deficiency, swelling and pain of teeth and hoarseness of throat.


2.4. Black bean congee of Achyranthes bidentata: 12g Achyranthes bidentata, 15g raw Rehmannia glutinosa and 15g cooked Rehmannia glutinosa, 60g black bean and 100g japonica rice.


Wash all the ingredients with water, chop Rehmannia glutinosa, add proper amount of water to make porridge, remove the residue of Achyranthes bidentata and Rehmannia glutinosa, and season with a little salt.


It is suitable for patients with body deficiency and weak healthy qi.


3. Toothache soup diet 3.1, mussel Cistanche black bean soup: mussel (light vegetables, for seafood), Cistanche 30 grams, 150 grams of black beans.


Wash the mussel sand mud, wash the black beans, slice the Cistanche deserticola, put it in the pot, add some water, boil for more than 1 hour, then take the juice, and take it once.


Take one dose daily for several days until the toothache is cured.


Mussels enter the kidney meridian to nourish yin and reduce fire; black beans can tonify the kidney, remove heat obstruction in the chest and disperse heat accumulation in the five internal organs.


It is suitable for people with caries, toothache and gingival swelling.


3.2. Dog liver vegetable bean curd soup: 250 grams of dog liver vegetable (herbal medicine) and 250 grams of bean curd. Wash the two ingredients with water, cook them with proper amount of water, remove dog liver vegetable, add seasoning, drink soup and eat bean curd.


It is suitable for people with liver fire, wind heat, caries, swelling, heat and pain.


Don't use it if it's empty fire.


3.3. Huzhuihuo Decoction: 30g gypsum, 9g Achyranthes bidentata, 6G Cortex Moutan, 100g mung bean, and proper amount of rice.


First, mash the gypsum and mung beans, then put the medicine into the gauze bag, sew the mouth, put it into the casserole, add the right amount of water and rice to cook porridge, and then the porridge becomes the medicine bag to drink porridge.


Plaster cold is the product of anti-inflammatory and falling fire. Achyranthes bidentata can induce heat to disperse stagnant heat. Paeonia suffruticosa can disperse blood stasis. Mung bean can clear away heat, detoxify and eliminate inflammation.


It is suitable for the patients with high fever.


The weak stomach qi deficiency should not be taken.


Toothache Treatment Tips 1, Qingre tea.


Rock sugar + pangdahai + Hawthorn + jujube + chrysanthemum, some supermarkets can buy a good package.


The effect of this method varies from person to person, but if you drink it often, toothache caused by fire will rarely appear.


2. Gargle with salt water.


Some toothache is caused by the vegetable crumbs into the teeth, in this case, as long as the salt water gargle to remove it.


When gargling, it is best to use a soft toothbrush and avoid excessive force.


3. Massage the acupoints on the hand.


Take a piece of ice and massage the "V" zone between thumb and index finger bone, which can also relieve certain pain.


4. Ice.


Apply ice to the cheek closest to the toothache for 15 minutes at least three to four times a day.


5. Ginger slices.


Biting ginger tablets in the toothache can relieve pain quickly.


6. MSG.


If you have toothache due to dental caries, you can put a little monosodium glutamate into the cavity or gargle with monosodium glutamate water for many times.


7. Garlic.


Peel and mash a clove of garlic, then put it into the cavity.


This method has the advantages of anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antiseptic.


8. Cool oil.


This method is also for patients with dental caries, that is, apply cool oil on the inside and outside of the caries and the swollen and painful face every half an hour.


What are the causes of toothache? 1. Insect tooth is caused by dental caries: it is mainly manifested as irritation pain, that is, pain in cold and heat. 2. Dental nerve inflammation: dental caries or trauma invade the dental nerve, which will cause acute pulpitis and lead to severe pain.


As the saying goes, "toothache is not a disease, pain up to death" is probably this kind of pain.


3. Apical inflammation: acute pulpitis is not treated in time, inflammation continues to develop downward, leading to inflammation around the apical tissue, acute attack can also lead to severe pain.


Pulpitis and apicitis after emergency treatment, must do root canal inflammation treatment.


That is to say, the doctor will seal eight pulps in the root canal to eliminate inflammation, expand and clean the root canal, then fill the root canal with gutta percha, and finally fill the tooth.


4. Periodontal tissue inflammation: periodontal disease is caused by long-term accumulation of plaque and calculus between teeth and gums, and sometimes acute periodontal abscess is formed due to the decline of body resistance.


5. Pericoronitis of wisdom teeth: wisdom teeth or third molars usually begin to erupt after the age of 18. Due to human evolution, this tooth often does not have enough space to erupt, resulting in dislocation and impaction.


During the eruption, the wisdom teeth are covered by the gingival flap to form a blind bag, where food residues are easy to gather and difficult to clean, so they are often inflamed repeatedly.


文章目录一、牙痛吃什么好1. 牙痛吃什么食物2. 牙痛的粥类食疗3. 牙痛的汤类食疗二、牙痛的治疗妙招三、导致牙痛的原因有哪些牙痛吃什么好1、牙痛吃什么食物1.1、苦瓜:苦瓜


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