What does cinnabar mole stand for? Is long cinnabar mole good? Cinnabar mole is also called senile hemangioma (angiomasenile), which belongs to small vascular lesions with red and purple skin.


Cinnabar nevus increases with age, the older the more. In ancient times, cinnabar nevus was a common feature of longevity, so it was also called "blessing nevus".


Cinnabar nevus is not directly related to some chronic diseases in the elderly (hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia). It is limited to 2 to 3 mm in size. It is a normal aging phenomenon and can be ignored. If it is treated, it can be treated with laser or liquid nitrogen cryotherapy.


Cinnabar nevus often occurs after the prime of life, lesions produced in the upper half of the body in the majority, presbyopia will color, but will not flatten, nor ulceration or bleeding, so it is one of the capillary mother spots.


Where is the mole? It's a good mole. The central mole on the top of the head. The person with this mole has the good fortune that others envy since he was born. If he meets difficulties, he will have a noble person to help him through the difficulties. Or after he is born, he will have no worries about food and clothing. Others have to struggle for many years, and you will have good living conditions as soon as you are born.


The mole on the top of the center of the forehead, this mole represents the person's wealth, a house, a car, good fortune, if you have a mole here, do not go to it.


Auspicious mole on the temple means that it's expensive to go out, or it's beneficial to go out, go abroad, or even immigrate.


The mole in the eyebrow (also known as the Pearl in the eyebrow) is a very lucky type in this position. It also means that if you are not rich, you will be expensive. It is easy for men to control power, while women want to benefit their children.


A mole on his cheekbone means that he has certain power and status in the workplace and can become a successful manager.


There are moles in the ear, on the earlobe, on behalf of good fortune, long life and good fortune; moles on the eardrum, on behalf of wisdom and filial piety; moles behind the ear, on behalf of hidden wealth.


A mole on the upper lip means not to worry about food and clothing, and often can enjoy delicious food. It also means that people are often invited to eat, and the mole just below the lower lip means that people are thoughtful and easy to get the trust of others.


There is a mole on the chin and a mole near the chin, which means that the person has a lot of land or real estate. It also means that the person can have good subordinates or servants to help.


There is a mole on the neck. There is a mole on the back of the neck. It represents power and has backstage or backers.


There's a mole on the front of the neck. Call a villain.


Female, left evil right auspicious, that is to say, female neck left mole on behalf of the fierce, right mole on behalf of the auspicious, can enjoy wealth.


There are moles on the shoulder. Moles on the front and middle of the shoulder represent hard work. Moles on the back of the shoulder represent a lot of fields and houses. They are willing to take responsibility.


There are moles on the back, depending on the location.


But there are moles on the back, most of them are auspicious.


Breast mole on behalf of peach blossom strong, rich feelings.


There are moles under the breast, called left and right bank, left for money, right for the field house, is a very good mole.


A mole on the arm makes money, and a mole on the palm makes wealth. At the same time, he is also a manager with strong ability.


Axillary nevus, good fortune, at the same time peach blossom, and most of the good peach blossom, heterosexual edge strong.


Mole in the middle of the navel is very good for women, marry a noble husband, Wangfu Yizi.


There are moles on the buttocks, they can be in power, they can do things in an orderly way, they can be independent, and they are very lucky.


There is a mole on the bottom of the foot.


There will be a career or achievement.


There are moles in the private part, the left is the most expensive, the right is the most rich.


How to identify whether your mole is dangerous 1. The size of the mole changes.


See if it's bigger and wider.


2. If the outline of the mole becomes rough, vague, or irregular.


3. Both sides should match.


Its two sides should basically be mirror symmetrical.


4. See if the color has changed. Sometimes, if the mole is cancerous, it will become darker.


See if the color has changed again.


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脑发育不良吃什么好1、脂肪:脂肪是构成脑组织的极其重要的营养物质,在大脑活动中起着重要的不可代替的作用。Fat: fat is an extremely important nutrient in brain tissue

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