What to eat for the fracture of toes? What to eat for the fracture of toes? What to eat for the fracture of toes? Symptoms of the fracture of toes? Fracture healing is generally divided into three stages: initial stage, middle stage and later stage. Diet should be matched with different foods according to the development of the disease, so as to promote hematoma absorption or callus formation.


1. In the early stage of fracture, the injured part was congestion and swelling, the channels and collaterals were blocked, and Qi and blood were blocked.


According to traditional Chinese medicine, if you can't get rid of the silt, you can't get new bone.


It can be seen that detumescence and stasis is the most important factor in fracture healing.


The principle of diet is light, such as vegetables, eggs, bean products, fruits, fish soup, thin gravy, etc. avoid sour, hot, dry and greasy food, especially not to give fat and greasy tonic products too early.


Such as bone soup, stewed chicken, stewed fish, otherwise, congestion stagnated, difficult to dissipate, so that callus formation slow, affect the recovery of joint function in the future.


2. Three to four weeks after the injury, most of the congestion was absorbed, and the fracture was recovered in the middle stage. The treatment should be mild. The main treatment is to relieve pain by harmonizing the camp, remove the stasis and generate new blood, and connect the bone and tendon.


In order to meet the needs of callus growth, vitamin A, D, calcium and protein were supplemented.


Six to eight weeks after injury.


The stasis and swelling of fracture are basically absorbed, and the callus has been formed. The treatment should be supplemented. By Tonifying the liver and kidney, Qi and blood, it can promote the formation of solid callus, relax the muscles and activate the collaterals, and make the adjacent joints move freely and flexibly, so as to restore the previous function.


Dietary taboos can be lifted, with high nutrition food to supplement, can drink can give, Eucommia Drynaria wine, tiger bone papaya wine.


3. New injury patients, there will be loss of appetite, reduced food intake and other changes, with the passage of time, the patient's appetite will gradually recover.


Therefore, the main food and meat dishes of newly injured patients should be soup and porridge, which should be light, rotten, easy to digest, rich in protein and carbohydrates. Vegetables can be cold mixed, stir fried and other cooking methods, so as to take in enough vitamins and cellulose, and take into account the patients' daily eating habits.


4. Choose vegetables, radish, broth, porridge (can add vegetable juice, minced meat, medicine, etc.), lotus root powder and other food; after meals, supplement fruits, such as bananas, apples, oranges and so on.


The amount of food should not be too much at a time, should eat less and eat more.


Don't rush to take tonic products, avoid too much fat and glycerine, cold and cold, coarse and hard food, in order to prevent damage to the spleen and stomach.


5. Those with wound infection and fever should not eat meat, spicy food, such as chicken, carp, beef, mutton, shrimp, crab, seafood, etc., while those with scallion, pepper, leek, cauliflower and wine should not eat.


6. When the patient's condition is stable and appetite is increased, the diet should be restored to the daily contents, and then the tonic products, such as beef, black fungus and mutton, should be added.


Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "kidney governs bone" and "liver governs tendons". When patients with fracture, dislocation and tendon injury enter the recovery period, they can not only take drugs to tonify liver and kidney, but also take foods (dietotherapy) to nourish liver and kidney as appropriate, such as animal kidney, mutton, dog meat, turtle meat, turtle meat, longan meat, leek, shrimp, etc. they can often eat maltose, jujube or wolfberry water instead of tea, To strengthen muscles and bones, accelerate fracture healing, promote the recovery of the disease.


Long term bedridden patients should pay attention to regulating the spleen and stomach, and pay attention to eating green vegetable food rich in cellulose, which is helpful to the formation of stool.


Bone soup: many people think that bone soup can supplement calcium, in fact, the calcium in the bone can not be directly absorbed by people.


The main nutrition in bone soup is collagen. It is beneficial for fracture patients to eat more collagen. However, it is not suitable to eat more collagen in 1-2 weeks after fracture, because it is too fat, which may cause blood stasis and affect recovery.


2. Calcium supplement: Although calcium is an important component of bone, calcium supplement is not good for the treatment of fracture, but may cause the increase of blood calcium.


If the fracture patients themselves are not short of calcium, as long as they strengthen the functional exercise, they can promote the absorption of calcium and accelerate the healing of the broken bone.


3. Indigestible things: fracture patients due to long-term recuperation at home, coupled with swelling and pain, so the appetite is often weak.


If you eat too much nutritious and greasy food, you will not only be more disgusting, but also cause constipation.


So after fracture should eat more conducive to digestion and defecation of food, avoid eating taro, taro, glutinous rice and other easy flatulent or indigestible food.


4. Sugar: excessive consumption of sugar after fracture can lead to a large loss of calcium, which is not conducive to the rehabilitation of fracture patients.


Too much sugar will also reduce the content of vitamin B1 in the body, vitamin B1 deficiency, will greatly reduce the nerve and muscle activity, affect the recovery of function.


5. Sanqi tablets: Taking Sanqi tablets in the early stage of fracture can contract local blood vessels and treat fracture bleeding.


But one week after the fracture recovery, the bleeding has stopped, and the injured bone needs fresh blood supply for rapid recovery. When taking Sanqi tablets, the blood vessels will always be in a state of contraction, and the blood flow is not smooth, which is not conducive to fracture healing.


It can be seen that what the fracture patients eat and what they can't eat still need to be divided according to the degree of fracture recovery.


This reminds fracture patients that fracture healing takes a long time, so we should pay attention to nutrition supplement and rest in peace of mind, so as to make fracture better faster.


Symptoms of toe fracture 1. Deformity: displacement of the fracture segment can change the shape of the affected limb, mainly manifested as shortening, angulation or rotation.


2. Abnormal activity: abnormal activity occurs in the part of the limbs that cannot move normally after fracture.


3. Bone fricative sound or bone friction feeling: after fracture, when two fracture ends rub each other, bone fricative sound or bone friction feeling can be produced.


4. The symptoms of toe fracture are local pain, swelling and dysfunction.


During fracture, the blood vessels of bone marrow, periosteum and surrounding tissues rupture and bleed, forming hematoma at the fracture site, and edema caused by soft tissue injury, causing severe swelling of the affected limb, and even tension blisters and subcutaneous ecchymosis. Due to the decomposition of hemoglobin, it can be purple, cyan or yellow.


Severe pain occurred in the fracture area, especially when the affected limb was moved.






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作法:将药材加1000cc沸水冲泡,闷约20分钟,过滤后即可饮用。Method: add 1000cc boiling water to brew the medicinal materials, keep them for about 20 minutes, and then d


一、山药鸽子汤。1、 Yam and pigeon soup.原料:鸽子一只、山药一段、黑木耳2~3朵、鹌鹑蛋6~7个。Ingredients: a pigeon, a yam, 2-3 black fungus, 6-7 quail eggs.山药鸽子


但是,吃药不一定要配胃药,因为有时候搭配服用反而会影响到其他药物的吸收或溶解作用,进而影响药效或增加副作用。However, it is not necessary to take medicine with stom


3、以宽握颈后(单杠)引体向上的练习来发展背阔肌。3. Develop the latissimus dorsi muscle with the practice of wide neck grip (horizontal bar) pull-up.5、采用直臂前平


做法:冬瓜连皮切块,其他材料洗净。Method: cut white gourd into pieces with skin and wash other materials.注意:煲的时候冬瓜不要去皮,吃的时候建议不要吃;扁豆、干莲蓬、灯


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