饮食养生:骨折病人吃什么好 不同时期的饮食要点


What should fracture patients eat? For this problem, many people's first reaction is to drink bone soup. In fact, they can't drink bone soup at the initial stage of fracture. So what should fracture patients eat? The following small series for you to introduce the fracture patients in different periods of diet points.


Therefore, in order to make the body tissue of fracture patients from injury to healing, we must give reasonable diet care according to the different periods of bone injury, so as to achieve the purpose of accelerating fracture healing.


1. 1-2 weeks after fracture, it is suitable to eat high-dimensional Shengsuo, high iron, light and delicious, easy to digest, rich in collagen fibers, promote intestinal peristalsis, and conducive to defecation.


Liqi foods such as radish and sucrose can stimulate intestinal peristalsis.


Diet should focus on detumescence and stasis, avoid tonic.


Western medicine believes that in the early stage of fracture, the body and physical strength are hit, and most of them go through the operation process. Generally, patients have poor appetite and impaired gastrointestinal function.


Can take bone soup, chicken soup, bean products, animal liver and kidney, fresh vegetables, fruits, Cornus, cinnamon stewed turtle and other food.


4. 12-24 weeks after fracture, 12-24 weeks after fracture, callus formation stage.


At this time, the patient has adapted to the situation after the fracture physiologically and psychologically. The pain caused by the fracture has also been relieved. Most of the blood stasis and swelling have disappeared, and the appetite and gastrointestinal function have been restored.


But still should pay attention not to be too greasy, also do not eat too much and cause obesity or other discomfort.


In this period, there is no special dietary taboo, daily ordinary diet can be, if it is combined with osteoporosis in the elderly, also need to pay attention to calcium intake.


The diet taboo of fracture patients 1. Avoid blind supplement of calcium.


Many people think that patients with fracture should take a large amount of calcium.


In fact, the fracture surgery within two weeks, should not rush to calcium.


Because after the fracture occurs, the broken end of the fracture will release a lot of calcium.


At the same time, because of the fracture site is easy to lead to systemic or local bone disuse decalcification.


In the early stage of fracture patients, greasy food is the most taboo, while bone soup is made from meat and bone for a long time, which has too much fat and affects nutrition absorption and wound healing. Second, most patients in the early stage have poor appetite because of wound pain. If they drink too much soup, it will occupy the stomach capacity and reduce the intake of other foods. Third, bone soup contains insoluble calcium salt, which is poorly absorbed by the human body, It can't supplement calcium at all.


饮食宜素净和容易消化。Diet should be plain and easy to digest.不宜食用烟、酒、浓茶、咖啡、韭菜、辣椒、大蒜等刺激性食物。Should not eat tobacco, wine, tea, coffe


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妇科病饮食一:痛经患者应多吃点香蕉香蕉中含有丰富的维生素b6,而维生素b6具有安定神经的作用,不仅可以稳定女性在经期的不安情绪,还有助于改善睡眠、减轻腹痛。Gynecological di


对人们来说,春天更应注意饮食调养,以保健康。For people, they should pay more attention to diet in spring to keep healthy.春季,气温变化大,所以春季的营养构成应以高热量


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