饮食养生:春季旧疾易复发 做好防护措施保健康


In daily life, both work and entertainment should be moderate.


The lower abdomen is the center of the human body and plays a key role in balancing Qi and blood.


Eye disease in traditional Chinese medicine, we should regulate the liver and kidney.


Prepare 20 grams of wolfberry, 30 grams of black beans, 300 grams of pig bone, ginger, scallion, refined salt and rice wine.


Wash and simmer over medium high heat. Add soy sauce and black bean sauce.


When choosing black beans, we suggest that you'd better choose "green kernel black beans", that is, black beans with black skin and green meat.


Knead the four white points, you can lead the Qi and blood of the stomach meridian to the eyes, so as to achieve the effect of eyesight.


The four white acupoints are also called "whitening acupoints" and "Yangyan acupoints";.


Every day, press with your fingers, and then gently knead for 3 minutes, you will find that the skin on your face begins to become delicate and white.


1. Varicella patients are infectious from 2 days before rash to 6 days after rash.


In most cases, the patient's symptoms are mild and can be cured without treatment.


At the beginning of the disease, there may be prodromal symptoms such as fever, headache, weakness and loss of appetite. One to two days after the onset of the disease, there will be pain in the zygomatic arch or ear, and then there will be enlargement of salivary glands, usually one or both parotid glands.


The symptoms of fever, headache, myalgia, fatigue, rhinitis, sore throat and cough, as well as gastrointestinal discomfort may occur.


Cough, runny nose, fever, red eyes and white spots in the mouth appear in the early stage of the disease. Three to seven days later, skin spots and papules usually spread from the face to the whole body and last for four to seven days or as long as three weeks, leaving brown spots or desquamation. The respiratory system, digestive system and brain of the seriously ill will be affected, leading to serious consequences and even death.


5. Pay attention to environmental hygiene and indoor ventilation. If there are patients with respiratory infectious disease symptoms around, the frequency of ventilation should be increased. When opening the window, avoid ventilation and keep warm.


&"Spring is the time when it's the hardest time to stop. Influenza, measles, mumps, scarlet fever, rubella and other infectious diseases may be prevalent.


Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in the prevention of these epidemics.


First of all, we must pay attention to personal hygiene and environmental hygiene, wash clothes and bedding frequently, keep indoor air circulation and freshness; do not take children to visit patients' homes or play in public places; in the high epidemic season, once children are found to have fever, sore throat, headache, skin bleeding and other symptoms, they must be sent to the hospital for treatment immediately, without delay.


We should also pay attention to keeping warm to prevent colds. After a cold, due to the decline of resistance, it is easy to be attacked by meningococci and get sick. Therefore, we should change clothes according to the change of weather at ordinary times.


The pathogen of epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis is most afraid of ultraviolet rays. It can be sterilized in a minute of sunlight. Therefore, the best way to prevent epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis is to often dry clothes and quilts, open doors and windows every day for ventilation, and keep the air fresh.


In fact, peach blossom ringworm is not a fungal infection, rather than a ringworm. It is an allergic reaction caused by pollen and dust falling on the skin and being dissolved by sunlight.


In case of tinea facialis, under the guidance of dermatologist, topical silicon cream, 2% diphenhydramine and simple non irritating fragrant cream should be used, and spicy food such as chili, green onion and garlic should be avoided.


Therefore, patients should pay attention to the warmth of joints and feet. If they are cold, they should wash their feet with hot water in time to promote the blood circulation of joints.


Spring is the season of high incidence of cold. For patients with nephritis, cold not only causes upper respiratory tract inflammation such as fever, runny nose and cough, but also easily leads to recurrence of nephritis.


A large number of clinical statistics show that the incidence rate of infectious hepatitis is also high in spring, especially hepatitis A, which accounts for about 70% of the total annual incidence of infectious hepatitis.


Vitamin D mainly comes from human skin and is synthesized by ultraviolet radiation in the sun, followed by food supply, especially rich in fish, meat, animal liver and eggs.


With the participation of parathyroid, blood calcium can maintain a certain level.


There are many exotic flowers and plants in spring outing. Although they have high ornamental value, they often have strong toxicity. If they are blindly contacted or picked, they may cause poisoning.


In addition, flowers with toxic side effects include cactus, guibeizhu, qingzimu, mantoro, bachelor tree, Bawangbian, coral flower, Calla Lily, Primula, etc.


文章目录一、房间里如何灭蚊二、驱蚊草有用吗三、什么植物能驱蚊房间里如何灭蚊1、物理驱蚊第一招消灭蚊子生存环境 有的居住环境差,周围死水多,需要经常喷药,这不仅灭蚊难




水煎待温,含漱。Fry in water until warm, gargle.1日4次,每日1剂,用至痛除。Four times a day, one dose a day, until the pain is removed.盐水漱口:取盐1匙,开水小半杯,




2、吃葡萄干防止脱发促进头皮血液循环。2. Eat raisins to prevent hair loss and promote scalp blood circulation.葡萄干含铁丰富,有利于血色素的产生,可促进血液将养分


孕妇止泻吃什么好 1、止泻药腹泻主要在于肠蠕动非正常加快了,可以使用一些比较缓和的抗腹泻药,通过吸收肠道中的水分,来减少肠的运动。What is good for pregnant women to


功效:养心补脾,滋补强壮。Efficacy: nourishing spleen and strengthening heart.食用时中适量调米温服,10-15天为一疗程。When eating moderate amount of rice warm, 10-1


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