饮食养生:6美容润肤水果 让你水水灵灵一整夏


In the hot summer, introduce 6 kinds of fruits to help you turn into a water beauty.

柠檬是水果中的美容佳品,因含有丰富的维他命c和钙质而作为化 妆品和护肤品的原料。

Lemon is a good beauty product in fruits. It is rich in vitamin C and calcium and is used as the raw material of cosmetics and skin care products.


In addition, lemon also contains a lot of fruit acid, which can soften the cuticle, remove dead skin and promote skin metabolism.

取一小茶匙柠檬汁 ,混合一勺酸奶和一勺蜂蜜,在膝盖、手肘和脚后跟部轻轻摩擦约10分钟后,再用温水冲洗,长期坚持可令肌 肤柔嫩而富有光泽。

Take a small teaspoon of lemon juice, mix a teaspoon of yogurt and a teaspoon of honey, rub gently on the knee, elbow and heel for about 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Long term persistence can make the skin soft and shiny.

樱桃的含铁量为苹果的20倍,梨的30倍,而铁是血液中血红素的重要成分,血液充足肌肤当 然白里透红!而β胡萝卜素及维生素c可都是美白肌肤一定要多补充的,多吃樱桃可以让肌肤真正细腻、有弹性 哦!另外,樱桃是含铁及胡萝卜素较多的一种水果,它的营养非常丰富,对气血较虚的人能起到补血补肾的作 用,饭前食用200-300克可以调理肠胃功能,对消化功能差的人很有好处。

The iron content of cherry is 20 times that of apple and 30 times that of pear. Iron is an important component of heme in the blood. The blood is sufficient, and the skin is white and red; Carotene and vitamin C can be whitening skin must be more supplement, eat more cherry can make the skin really delicate, elastic Oh! In addition, cherry is a kind of fruit with more iron and carotene, its nutrition is very rich, for people with deficiency of Qi and blood can play the role of blood and kidney Use, 200-300 grams before meals can regulate gastrointestinal function, is very good for people with poor digestive function.

对于皮肤黑且粗糙的人,可以将番茄捣汁后涂于脸上,停留约15分钟后用清水洗净,对去除面部死皮大 有帮助。

For people with dark and rough skin, you can apply tomato juice on your face after tamping, stay for about 15 minutes, and then wash with water, which is very helpful to remove dead skin on your face.

4、柚子每100克柚子含有约123毫克维他命c,因引被称为维他命c的宝库,可以去油解腻,当然也有美容养颜的功 效。

4. Grapefruit contains about 123 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of grapefruit. It is known as the treasure house of vitamin C because it can remove oil and relieve greasiness. Of course, it also has the effect of beauty and beauty.


In addition, it can also be whitened by means of drinks, such as honey and grapefruit tea.

化妆品只能使皮肤暂时变淡,效果也比较有限,而“对症”的食物则能斩断黑色素的根,使制造“ 黑色素的工厂停产”,这样的美白效果才会更长久。

Cosmetics can only lighten the skin temporarily, and the effect is limited. However, foods that are "symptomatic" can cut off the root of melanin and stop the production of melanin. Only in this way can the whitening effect last longer.


Strawberries are also rich in vitamin A and potassium, which are good for the health of hair.

入睡前饮一杯草莓汁还能令神经松弛,对治 疗失眠效果不错。

Before going to sleep drink a cup of strawberry juice can also make nerve relaxation, good effect on the treatment of insomnia.

其所含的维他命c和维 他命e不仅能美丽肌肤,而且具有抗氧化作用,在有效增白皮肤,消除雀斑和暗疮的同时增强皮肤的抗衰老能 力。

It contains vitamin C and vitamin E, which can not only beautify the skin, but also has antioxidant effect. It can effectively whiten the skin, eliminate freckles and acne, and enhance the anti-aging ability of the skin.

另外,猕猴桃中还含有丰富的矿物质,能够在头发表面形成一层薄膜,不仅 能让头发免受脏空气污染,还能让头发越发丰莹润泽。

In addition, kiwi fruit is rich in minerals, which can form a thin film on the surface of hair, which can not only protect the hair from dirty air pollution, but also make the hair more lustrous.


Experienced people can fully observe that if a woman's lips are dry and her skin is dry, other parts of her body will not be very moist.


The essence of beauty is nourishing yin. Women are made of water, so the face should be watery and the eyes should be watery.


As I said before, a woman with acne is not too much yang, but not enough Yin. Yin is not enough to contain Yang. What she shows is anger.


Hehe, if the water can put out the fire, drink more water. In fact, it's not like this. If you drink too much water, you will be poisoned, your kidneys will not be able to bear it, and your eyelids will swell.


Chinese people put food itself into a certain flavor of the five flavors, but it doesn't matter if it's just food. The key is spices, especially spices.


Chinese spices are probably the most famous in the world. In a bowl of dishes, for example, five spices, namely cinnamon, star anise, fennel, coriander seed and prickly ash, will be added with ginger, onion, garlic, pepper, tangerine peel and so on. Alas, I can't count them all & hellip; & hellip; These foods with extremely strong flavor will really consume our water. If the temperature is not moderate, but very cold or very hot, it will make our appearance lose more.


If we are not calm and peaceful, but angry, depressed, sad and ecstatic, what's so strange in the workplace? We also need to use the body's middle Qi to neutralize it, which will greatly consume our Yin Qi.


If a woman has a light diet, a calm mood and enough water, her skin will be watery.


How disgusting a woman without water is.


Experienced people can fully observe that if a woman's lips are dry and her skin is dry, other parts of her body will not be very moist.


Sisters over 25 years old are advised to learn to be calm. We don't have the resources to be young, so now we need to reduce resources, change lifestyle and learn to keep healthy. Otherwise, the bad effects will be first reflected on the face, and face is nothing more important for women! Things with mucus are the most beautiful. There are many simple things in life that can conserve water, those gentle ones Food that is not too heavy, fresh and without too much seasoning is a good thing.


Things with mucus are especially good, such as pig's feet (stewed, spicy), fish jelly (fish scale jelly), flower glue (fish swim bladder), tremella, chicken cartilage, shark fin.


It's true that women are nourishing.


In addition, in the air-conditioned room, of course, remember to drink more water or use a humidifier (raise a large tank of fish or plant hydroponics).


In fact, there are many simple ways to use, such as eating a low salt diet, for example, three minutes daily massage of the lymph and kidney, the body's lymph is more concentrated in the neck, armpit, thigh root, we must massage these parts at night, this can also maintain the skin of other places.


Firm face and waist & mdash; & mdash; there is another way to eat wax gourd is to take wax gourd, which is very simple, that is to use a wax gourd, peel off the skin, beat the melon meat and melon seeds together with a blender to make juice (must use melon seeds, the most effective is it), cook in a pot, add rock sugar after the juice becomes very sticky, cook for a while, and then congeal after cooling.


It's good to make tea with a spoonful when eating.


Drinking this in summer is a great way to clean up kidney waste and remove excess water, and your small face will become very strong, so will your small waist.

24小时喝水法 做水灵美人知道喝水能瘦身,但别以为每天只是捧起水瓶拼命喝赘肉就自然会消失。

Drinking water for 24 hours is a water beauty. You know that drinking water can help you lose weight, but don't think that if you just drink water bottle every day, the fat will disappear naturally.


When to drink water in a day? What kind of water to drink? What kind of slimming effect does each kind of water have? There is a lot of stress in it.

晚餐中:蔬菜汁 借喝水降低对碳水化合物和糖分的摄取量才是正确的喝水瘦身之道,所以,以蛋白质和蔬菜汁为主的晚餐,不但卡路里低还能摄取纤维素,加速脂肪的排出。

Dinner: vegetable juice by drinking water to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and sugar is the right way to drink water to slim down, so, to protein and vegetable juice based dinner, not only low calories, but also intake of cellulose, accelerate fat excretion.


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