In our daily life, when we cook, we always put some seasonings in, such as salt, monosodium glutamate, vinegar and so on.


The following small series to explain in detail the nutritional value of MSG and vinegar and healthy eating methods.


In particular, glutamic acid can combine with zinc in the blood to form zinc glutamate which can not be used by the human body and is discharged from the body, resulting in zinc deficiency in the human body. Zinc is an important nutrient to help infants' physical and intellectual development.


Since the invention of monosodium glutamate, monosodium glutamate has played an important role in the freshness of dishes.


When using crystal monosodium glutamate in cold dishes, you should first use a small amount of warm water to boil, and then pour it on the cold dishes. It is more delicious to eat, because monosodium glutamate can only play its role at 45 ℃.


Monosodium glutamate is not easy to dissolve at room temperature. It dissolves best at 70 & mdash; 90 ℃ and has the most delicious taste. When it is over 100 ℃, monosodium glutamate volatilizes with water vapor. When it is over 130 ℃, monosodium glutamate deteriorates into sodium pyroglutamate, which not only has no delicious taste, but also has toxicity. Therefore, don't cook it for a long time after adding monosodium glutamate.


Vinegar is just a kind of condiment, but why are so many followers trapped in it? Vinegar contains a lot of acetic acid, calcium, iron, lactic acid, gluconic acid, glycerin, fatty acid and salt, which can dissolve calcium and iron in food and make it easy for human body to absorb; it can protect the nutrients in food from being destroyed; it has good antibacterial and bactericidal effects; it can soften blood vessels and reduce cholesterol; it can disperse blood stasis, inhibit bacteria and bacteria It can stop bleeding, detoxify and kill insects; it can protect skin and hair; it can eliminate fatigue, promote sleep, and relieve the discomfort of carsickness and seasickness.


Vinegar contains a lot of chloro acids and organic acids, which can promote the body's excessive fat into physical consumption. It can also digest the sugar and protein absorbed by the body and promote aging metabolism. It can be said that drinking vinegar properly can not only reduce weight, but also promote the combustion of nutrients in the body, improve the utilization rate of heat energy and promote health.


Vinegar is a good helper for diuresis and defecation. It can increase gastrointestinal peristalsis and has the function of diuresis.


A small amount of vinegar can effectively improve constipation.


For those who like to eat salty food, it's better to add more vinegar and less salt to the dishes. Instead of feeling less salty, they will feel that the dishes are more delicious. The amount of water and other foods they drink will also be reduced, and their posture will become lighter.


In recent years, it has been reported that vinegar can maintain the normal acidity and alkalinity of blood, and prevent the accumulation of calcareous matter and cholesterol in the blood vessel wall. Drinking vinegar regularly and appropriately can make excessive silicon acid out of the body and reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.


It's not hard to see that vinegar has a really great effect. No wonder more and more people are fond of it, and even some people are jealous;.


In addition, if you happen to be in a wine party and it's difficult to be gracious & mdash; & mdash; remember this sentence: vinegar can reduce the alcohol concentration in the gastrointestinal tract and blood, and play the role of sobering up.

腹泻患者:餐前用1茶匙苹果醋冲服1杯温水(约50毫升 )饮用,可以加快毒素的排泄,维持消化道正常菌群平衡。

Diarrhea patients: Take 1 teaspoon apple vinegar and 1 cup of warm water (about 50 ml) before meals, which can accelerate the excretion of toxins and maintain the balance of normal flora in digestive tract.


溢脂性脱发的治疗须首先注重头发的保健护理,少食油腻及辛辣食物,勤于洗头,局部用药去除油脂,减少皮屑,消炎止痒。The treatment of seborrheic alopecia should first pay a


肉有好坏,边角料指的就是从肉上削下或大或小的碎肉,边边角角的那部分,它们也许比精肉更好吃,也许暗藏玄机……边角肉哪里去了? 昨天和几个朋友一起去附近的火锅店吃


1、苹果玉米汤 原料:苹果2个、玉米3只、鸡腿一只、姜一块做法:1、鸡腿去掉皮下脂肪,飞水(就是把鸡腿跟加了姜的冷水一同煮到滚,再捞出);2、苹果跟玉米切成块,把飞过水的鸡腿和玉米、

饮食养生:咸柠檬能治感冒吗 咸柠檬的做法

咸柠檬不知是哪里的特产,东南亚风情的蕉叶餐厅有咸柠檬蜜,潮汕人则说腌咸柠檬一定要用当地柠檬,而广西南宁有道特色汤品咸柠檬鸭汤,香港茶餐厅有咸柠七。I don't know where sal


二者同时绞汁,两液合并,随量饮用。The two kinds of juice were minced at the same time, and the two kinds of juice were combined.功效:清热、生津、止渴。Efficacy: clea


另外,荞麦的膳食纤维高,且含有胶质状的葡聚糖,是可溶性膳食纤维,有一定的调节高血脂和高血糖的功效。In addition, buckwheat is high in dietary fiber, and contains gela


虾具有超高的食疗价值,并用做于中药材。Shrimp has a high value of food therapy, and is used as traditional Chinese medicine.海虾有对虾、明虾、基围虾、琵琶虾、龙虾


三杯鸡取名由来相传南宋末年,民族英雄文天祥抗元被俘。It is said that at the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, Wen Tianxiang, a national hero, was captured.这位狱卒


还可防治牙石引起的牙龈充血、萎缩,并改善口腔末梢血液循环,尤其对胃火引起的牙龈红肿和风火牙痛有辅助治疗作用,还有利于牙齿生长。It can also prevent gingival congesti


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