2. Supplement of plant protein can promote hair growth. It was found that the content of nitrogen and cystine in hair of hair loss patients decreased significantly.


Therefore, patients should eat more soybean, black sesame, corn and other foods rich in methionine and cystine.


3. Eating more vegetables and fruits can lead to hair loss. One of the factors that women are prone to hair loss is the presence of acid toxins in their blood. Long term excessive consumption of sugars and fatty foods makes lactic acid, pyruvic acid, carbonic acid and other acid substances produced in the process of metabolism stay in the body and produce acid toxins.


So we should eat less liver, meat and other foods, because the acid substances in these foods are easy to cause too much acid toxin.


4. Vitamin E supplement can produce hair, because vitamin E can resist hair aging, promote hair mother cell division and make hair grow.


Because all the activities of the human body belong to the brain tube, the brain is stimulated, the activity is disordered rhythm, can not play a normal role, is bound to make the body's nutrition stimulated, hair loss.


2. Proper exercise can prevent hair loss, timely and moderate exercise is conducive to relieving stress and improving their own immunity, and adequate sleep can promote the normal metabolism of skin and hair, and the metabolic period mainly occurs in the evening, especially between 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. during this period of time, adequate sleep can make the normal metabolism of hair.

有关头发的知识1、 脱发的危害1.1、脱发会让你找对象比他人更困难别女性脱发者在寻找另一半时也是苦费心力到头来一场空。

Hair loss will make it more difficult for you to find a partner than others. Other women who have hair loss also have to work hard to find a partner. In the end, it's nothing.


1.3. Hair loss will narrow the interpersonal relationship. Because of the image problem, people with hair loss are often complacent. Their breakthrough in interpersonal relationship is often repeated failures. Over a long period of time, people with hair loss are willing to live a narrow life.


2. 1, vinegar 150 ml, heating water 200 ml.


Wash your hair while it's hot, once a day.


4. Chuanxiong 5g, Shouwu 20g, walnut 30g.


2.5, raw ochre 500 grams, grind into fine, after screening.


It is mainly for young people's hair loss.


2.6. 30g fresh Platycladus orientalis leaves, 15g frost mulberry leaves, 3G naoyanghua, 12g Drynaria, 10g Tougucao and 3G Zaojiao.


3. The reason of hair loss 3.1, the lack of certain nutrients lead to hair loss, copper is an essential element of hair melanin synthesis.


When the content is low, it is easy to cause baldness, white hair and even fall off.


3.2. All kinds of pressure lead to hair loss. In society, people not only have to bear the pressure of work, but also bear all kinds of pressure from family and outside. If they don't know how to eliminate it, they are prone to hair loss.


3.3. Less rest time leads to hair loss. In order to satisfy various desires, staying up late, workaholic and poor sleep will cause hair loss.


2、补充植物蛋白可以生发研究发现,脱发者的头发中氮氨酸、胱氨酸明显减少。2. Supplement of plant protein can promote hair growth. It was found that the content of n


1.2、柠檬:可促进肌肤新陈代谢,抑制色素沉淀。1.2 lemon: it can promote skin metabolism and inhibit pigmentation.胡萝卜含有丰富的果胶物质,可与汞结合,使人体里的有害




3、内分泌脱发毛发生长受多种内分泌激素的影响,所以当发生内分泌异常时多引起脱发疾病,如产后、更年期脱发。3. Endocrine alopecia hair growth is affected by a variety


而且色弱矫正眼镜是一种很方便的方法,它有两种不同的类型,那就是隐形的以及普通框架式。And color correction glasses is a very convenient method, it has two different


梨子的营养梨子能提供钾和纤维质。Pear nutrition pear can provide potassium and fiber.并避免买到皮皱皱的、或皮上有斑点的果实。And avoid buying fruits with wrinkle

饮食养生:这3类食物 竟是癌症“帮凶”



5、熬粥喝把苹果削皮切块,然后把它和小米放在一起熬成粥,熬粥可以把苹果中的营养物质都熬到粥中,更好地让身体吸收苹果中的营养物质。5. Boil porridge to drink, peel the app


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