Ordinary people may also have emotional instability, dreaminess, active thinking and difficulty in concentration, drowsiness, lack of energy and other "spring sleepiness".


When the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, you can invite your relatives and friends to go out for an outing to enjoy the willows, play with birds or take a walk to practice martial arts, which is beneficial for the human body to let go of the old and accept the new, adopt the true Qi, transform the essence and blood, and nourish the viscera.


For those who are deficient in Qi and Yin, they can eat more food to replenish qi and nourish yin, such as carrot, bean sprout, bean curd, lotus root, water chestnut, lily, tremella, mushroom, duck egg, duck meat, rabbit meat, frog meat, turtle meat, turtle, etc.


In addition, spring diet should also eat some low-fat, high vitamin, high mineral food, such as fresh vegetables shepherd's purse, rape, celery, spinach, Malan head, medlar head, Chinese toon head, dandelion, etc., which can also play a role in clearing heat and detoxification, cooling blood and improving eyesight, promoting defecation, invigorating spleen and appetizing for those who have excessive internal heat caused by eating cream Liang flavor in winter and heavy fur near fire.


In addition, according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the function of human liver is more vigorous in spring. Therefore, we should pay attention to tonifying the liver. We can use Euryale ferox porridge to replenish essence and Qi, Rehmannia glutinosa porridge to replenish body deficiency and Fangfeng porridge to remove limb Qi, and wolfberry, polygonatum, polygonatum, and sea cucumber to supplement.


一般人也可能出现情绪不稳、多梦、思维活跃而难以集中,出现困倦乏力,精神不振等“春困”症。Ordinary people may also have emotional instability, dreaminess, a


3.3、流感引发的咳嗽喉部发出略显嘶哑的咳嗽,有逐渐加重趋势,痰由少至多。3.3. Cough caused by influenza, with a slightly hoarse cough in the throat, gradually aggra




常见的有谷类如粥、稀饭、发面蒸食、面包、软面条、面片等。Common cereal such as porridge, porridge, steamed bread, soft noodles, noodles, etc.1、香蕉香蕉中的维生


您可以直接与我院在线专家进行沟通,及时了解病情。You can directly communicate with online experts in our hospital to know the condition in time.2、雄性激素过于旺


每克甘油完全氧化可产生4千卡热量,经人体吸收后不会改变血糖和胰岛素水平。Each gram of glycerin can produce 4 kcal of heat by complete oxidation, which will not cha

饮食养生:水果吃法不当 也会让你长肥肉



经常补充适量的海藻提取物可以重新构造大脑,改善大脑的运行反应功能。Regular supplement of seaweed extract can reconstruct the brain and improve the brain function.


我们到底还要不要吃燕窝?真正意义上的燕窝究竟功效怎样?今天,就让我们来重新认识燕窝,还它一个本来面目。Do we still want to eat bird's nest? What's the effect of bird's


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