饮食养生:亚健康八大表现 食疗帮你找回健康

女性亚健康亚健康八大表现 对症食疗找回健康挑战亚健康处于亚健康状态的人,虽然没有明确的疾病,但却出现精神活力和适应能力的下降,如果这种状态不能得到及时的纠正,非常容易引起心身疾病。

Women's Sub-health sub-health eight major performance of symptomatic diet therapy back to health challenge sub-health people in sub-health state, although there is no clear disease, but there is a decline in mental vitality and adaptability, if this state can not be corrected in time, it is very easy to cause psychosomatic diseases.


3. Sub health performance of head swelling headache: chew some peanut, almond, cashew nuts, walnuts and other dried fruit, because they are rich in protein, vitamin B, calcium, iron and plant fat.


5. Sub health performance of burnout: eat nuts, is to eat peanuts, melon seeds, walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnut, Torreya grandis better.


6. Excessive psychological pressure of sub-health performance: take as many vitamin C containing foods as possible, such as blue and white (American broccoli), spinach, tender rape, sesame, fruit (orange, orange, strawberry, Mango), etc.


Foods rich in vitamin C and a mainly include: Pepper (fresh, green and red), dried fish, bamboo shoots, carrots, milk, red dates, snails, cabbage, etc. green tea also contains vitamin A. drinking a cup of water twice a day is also good for improving memory.


Three ways to help you stay away from sub-health in today's society, sub-health is not a new term, it can be seen everywhere in our life.


The World Health Organization (who) refers to the state of the body without organic disease but with some functional changes as "the third state" and "sub-health state" in China;.


(2) Wipe the forehead: press the thumbs on the left and right temples respectively, bend the remaining fingers, and use the middle segment of the index finger to flex the side edge from the middle of the forehead to both sides, about 30 times.


(3) Singing and hitting the drum: press the left and right ear door tightly with the palms of the hands respectively, and hit the occipital part behind the brain with the middle fingers of both hands. When knocking, you can hear the roar in the ears.


(5) Push neck, this kind of exercise is mainly aimed at people with cervical problems.


In addition, you can also slowly turn the neck up and down, the purpose is to stretch our cervical spine.


Chest and abdomen: chest and abdomen are the palace of the five zang organs and six Fu organs, which are important parts of health care massage, especially abdominal massage has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, helping to transport, regulating the Zang organs and leading to stagnation.


(3) Rub the navel: rub the navel with one palm or two palms, about 5-10 minutes.


In addition, Taijiquan and swimming are the best for patients with spondylosis. When playing Taijiquan, the muscles of the whole body are in a relaxed state. With the slow rotation of the body, the joints of the spine can be well adjusted.


When walking, the body center of gravity should be moved forward, the feet should be strong, and the breathing should be coordinated.


Japanese scholars put forward the exercise goal of "walking ten thousand steps a day". According to the average distance of each step of 70-80 cm, it is about 3-3.5 km.


In the rush hours of the city, the speed of the bus (including the time of the bus stop) is 20 km/h, the speed of the tram is 12 km/h, and the speed of the subway is 25 km/h. It usually takes 10 minutes to take a 2 km bus and wait for the bus.


If you finish the journey at a speed of 6 km/h, it's only 20 minutes.


When walking, you should have the correct posture, such as the head should be straight, the eyes should be flat, and the trunk should be naturally straight (shoulder sinking, chest and waist slightly erect, abdomen slightly retracted), which is conducive to the smooth flow of meridians and blood.


When walking, the body center of gravity moves forward, the arms and legs coordinate, the pace is powerful and natural, the stride is moderate, and the landing of two feet should have a sense of rhythm.


Exhale with a little force, inhale naturally, and coordinate the rhythm of breathing and pace.


When walking, we should pay attention to the skills of mutual conversion between tension and relaxation, force and force, that is to say, we can take a few steps with force, and then take a few steps with force, which can greatly improve the walking speed, feel relaxed and save physical strength.


When walking, one foot in contact with the ground should have a "grip" action (toe adduction), which can promote microcirculation.


Only by persevering, can sports be effective.


Exercise should be moderate and gradual, not exceeding the endurance of your body.


Exercise to control their pulse, preferably not more than 120 times; feel a slight sweating or a little tired should stop.


When passing through the intersection, we should abide by the traffic rules; we should not cross the road on the road with guardrails or isolation piers.


Walk fast at 90-120 steps per minute, 30-60 minutes at a time.


According to the required exercise intensity, quantitative walking stipulates a certain distance, walking speed, slope, the number of intermediate rest and time.


Good sleep, good appetite, no discomfort, indicating that the amount of walking exercise is appropriate.


In the process of arm swing, the curve of arm and shoulder is shaped.


It can help to remove the redundant muscles of the arm and eliminate the butterfly sleeve.


From a modern point of view, easy walking and gentle abdominal massage can promote the secretion of gastric juice, strengthen gastrointestinal peristalsis, and help to treat dyspepsia and gastrointestinal chronic diseases.


Walk 5-10 times before one fall.


According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, "the kidney is the fire of the gate of life", it can be seen that whether the kidney qi is sufficient affects people's health.


5. When walking, you seem to see something lost on the road. Go to pick it up.


White collar women, sitting in front of the computer for a long time to work, limb joints and lumbar spine are maintained in the same position for a long time, muscle stiffness near the joint, muscle soreness.


Consciously try to inhale deeply until the abdomen bulges (the so-called Qi sinks into the elixir field), and then open your mouth to make such sounds as "ah, hee, oh, Shhh, Huhh" and exhale slowly. This is called "spit out the old and accept the new";.

饮食养生:亚健康八大表现 食疗帮你找回健康

女性亚健康亚健康八大表现 对症食疗找回健康挑战亚健康处于亚健康状态的人,虽然没有明确的疾病,但却出现精神活力和适应能力的下降,如果这种状态不能得到及时的纠正,非常容易引


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