饮食养生:龙年年夜饭 解馋又养生的八款创意食谱


Love Health Museum Guide: there are more than ten days before we will usher in the long-awaited Spring Festival. Do you think this spring festival will be emotional and warm? Let's take a look at the eight nutritious and warm spring festival recipes recommended by Xiaobian today.


And tell you some principles of healthy diet during the Spring Festival, come and learn.


Method: wash red beans and dates, soak them in water for four hours, add water and boil for about half an hour.


Comments: Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spring is the time when the liver Qi is exuberant. The liver belongs to wood, and the spleen belongs to earth. Hyperactivity of the liver will inhibit the function of the spleen and stomach (Muke earth), while acid enters the liver and sweet into the spleen.


In this season, it's best to increase the sweetness and less acidity. Jujube is a good food for invigorating the spleen and replenishing qi.


Methods: 1. Remove the viscera of yellow croaker, wash it, and dry it with paper towel.


2. Heat the oil, fry the yellow croaker and drain the oil.


3. In the remaining oil, deep fry the garlic cloves until yellow. Take out, leave about 3 & mdash; 4 tbsp of oil, saute shallot and ginger slices, then add yellow croaker, soy sauce, white pepper, wine, sugar and soup, and boil over medium heat until the soup is thick. Thicken with ether white powder water and pour some hot oil.


Method: blanch the lean meat in hot water.


Then add walnuts, Shouwu, jujube, simmer for 2 hours.


Vigorous growth (oil stewed bamboo shoots): remove the shell of the bamboo shoots, cut the tender stem into hob pieces; beat a few scallion knots, cut a little scallion; heat the cooking oil, stir fry the scallion knots, stir fry the bamboo shoots for a while; add the soy sauce, sugar, fennel, continue to stir fry, add a small amount of water to boil, cover and simmer for about 10 minutes; thicken the soup, take out the scallion knots, sprinkle the fresh scallion, and then put it in the pot.


Literati, poets and gourmets praise it a lot, and there is a saying that "if you try something new, you will have a spring bamboo shoot.".


Spring bamboo shoots conform to the solar term, spring breaks through the earth and climbs higher and higher.


In addition, properly eating the liver of animals, especially chicken liver is mild, which can nourish the blood and liver, and also warm the stomach. It is a good food for nourishing the liver, and the effect is better than that of other animals.


It can be processed into stewed chicken liver, chicken liver millet porridge, etc.


Spicy diced chicken material: chicken breast 1 piece, ginger, onion section, chopped bean paste, pepper, dried pepper, peanut, sesame marinade: soy sauce, cooking wine, starch method: 1, diced chicken breast, add marinade, mix well, marinate for 20 minutes.


3. In the oil pan, when the oil is 60% hot, stir fry the dried pepper, Chinese prickly ash, ginger and scallion, then add the bean paste, stir in the wine along the edge of the pan, stir fry the diced chicken and peanuts evenly, then add the appropriate amount of sugar and salt, stir fry the sesame well, and serve.


Comments: after listening to this name, everyone must have eaten it.


Methods: 1, the salted egg yolk cooked (steamed), try to cook a little bit, with a spoon pressure into sand.


2. Cut tofu into small pieces and blanch it in boiling water.


Blanch the green beans until 6.


Cut the fish balls and crab meat into small pieces.


3. Heat up the oil, stir fry the ginger slices, then put the salted egg yolk in and stir fry, stir fry, stir fry, and make a paste.


4. Add tofu, green beans, fish balls and crab meat, add soup (water is OK), turn low heat to cook.


I didn't put salt because there was already salted yolk.


If you don't think it tastes good enough, you can put in the right amount of salt.


Comments: crab roe and tofu are very nutritious, and the taste is quite satisfactory.


How to eat in the Spring Festival? The Spring Festival is coming. What should we eat better? What is more healthy to eat? So let's learn about it. What are the healthy foods? How to eat healthily in Spring Festival? How to eat without getting fat question: how to eat during the Spring Festival in order to be healthy and not getting fat? Answer: pay attention to the total amount of snacks and food on the banquet when visiting relatives and friends.


Question: Hello, during the Spring Festival, there are several days of hot pot meals. How can we eat more healthily? Should how to eat ability to avoid to inhale too much grease, bring about Festival hind each fat to go up several jin? Answer: hotpot is nothing more than cooking the ingredients. Compared with frying oil, the intake of this cooking method should not be high. On the contrary, the fat of oil dish and sesame sauce seasoning is not low. Control the amount.


2. Vegetables are better than medicine. The feast is full of delicious dishes, which can't be separated from fish and meat.


However, people often feel tired and flatulent.


3. Fruit can not be less Festival, disorderly diet, more likely to make people angry, constipation, eat more fruit, not only can play a very good heat clearing, detoxification, Runchang effect, but also regulate and improve the body's metabolic function, prevent various diseases, improve health.


Therefore, while tasting delicious food, we should avoid eating unlimited food and leave part of our appetite for staple food.

5、是宁可少吃一口 不让胃肠难受聚餐家宴常常是很丰盛的,丰盛的菜肴和相互之间的布让往往使人食欲旺盛而“吃撑”了,造成胃肠的不适甚至消化系统疾病的发生。

5. It's better to eat less than one mouthful to make the stomach and intestines uncomfortable. Family dinner is often very rich. Rich dishes and mutual arrangement often make people have a strong appetite and cause gastrointestinal discomfort and even digestive system diseases.


From indigestion to diarrhea, belching to acid regurgitation, to acute pancreatitis, which is life-threatening.


The best prevention is self-control.

6、是酒伤肝又伤身 过量伤己又害人饮酒应限量,节假日饮酒也应该遵循这一原则。

6. Drinking should be limited, and drinking on holidays should also follow this principle.


Excessive alcohol can cause liver, brain, nervous system and digestive system damage, at the same time, the social harm of drinking is also very prominent: traffic accidents, public security accidents caused by drunk driving.


The activities of human digestive organs have certain rules. When eating, the stomach, small intestine, gallbladder and pancreas secrete various digestive juice, which makes the nutrients in food easy to be absorbed by human body.


If you suddenly eat too full, or drink too much, you need more digestive juice to digest, but the secretion of digestive juice has a certain limit, plus the stomach distension is very big, gastrointestinal peristalsis is difficult, affecting the normal digestive function, if the situation is serious, it can lead to acute pancreatitis, gastroenteritis, or gastrointestinal ulcer.


熬夜当天的晚餐多选择蔬菜(蔬菜食品)、水果(水果食品)等清淡的食物,对熬夜时的健康(健康食品)有帮助。Stay up late the day's dinner more choose vegetables (vegetable food), f




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2、常春藤常春藤能有效抵制尼古丁中的致癌物质。2. Ivy can effectively resist the carcinogens in nicotine.通过叶片上的微小气孔,常春藤能吸收有害物质,并将之转化为无


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文章目录一、产奶的食物有哪些 二、产奶喝什么汤三、产奶吃什么水果产奶的食物有哪些1、产奶的食物有哪些之黑芝麻黑芝麻含有多种人体必需的氨基酸,在维生素e、维生素b1的作


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