It is well known that we should be careful when taking antihypertensive drugs.


1. Prevention of first dose reaction is that when patients first use a certain antihypertensive drug, due to the body's temporary maladjustment, they may have adverse reactions such as palpitation and syncope, and even feel the symptoms worsen after taking the drug, which is also called first dose syndrome.


In fact, the price of drugs is not directly proportional to the effect. Some cheap public antihypertensive drugs also have good curative effect. Proper use is the key.


6. In the process of reducing blood pressure, some people mistakenly believe that the more drugs they take, the faster their blood pressure will fall. They even increase the dosage and the types of antihypertensive drugs on their own. As a result, they can not achieve good antihypertensive effect, but will endanger their lives.


If taking methyldopa, there may be drowsiness, dizziness, abdominal distension and other adverse reactions; captopril may cause cough, rash and so on.


In short, hypertension is not terrible, as long as we adhere to self-regulation, maintain emotional stability, pay attention to diet regulation, and pay attention to the above eight aspects in the process of drug treatment, the harm will be greatly reduced.


4. Aquatic products: kelp, laver, jellyfish, sea cucumber, green vegetables, seaweed, oyster, abalone, shrimp, silver carp, etc.


5. Animals: milk (defatted), pig gall, bezoar, honey, vinegar, bean products, etc.


6. Fungi: black fungus, white fungus, mushroom, etc.


Oranges are rich in vitamin C and nicotinic acid, which can reduce blood lipid and cholesterol in human body. Therefore, it is good for people with coronary heart disease and high blood lipid to eat more oranges.


Mango is rich in vitamin A and C, which is beneficial to vision health, delaying cell aging, preventing Alzheimer's disease, inhibiting arteriosclerosis, hypertension and preventing cancer.


The components of oleanol in Chaenomeles papaya is a kind of compound with the functions of protecting liver and reducing enzyme, anti inflammation and bacteriostasis, reducing blood lipid and so on.


Kiwi fruit and juice can reduce cholesterol and triglyceride, also can inhibit the production of carcinogens, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hepatitis, coronary heart disease, urinary calculi prevention and adjuvant treatment.


The World Health Organization (who) put forward the "ladder therapy" for hypertension in 1978.


This program has the characteristics of simplified treatment, less side effects, and strong pertinence.


Diuretics plus reserpine, or diuretics plus methyldopa, or diuretics plus clonidine, or beta blockers (such as propranolol or metoprolol) plus hydralazine.


Step 3: three drugs, such as diuretics plus beta blockers plus vasodilators (e.g. benadrazine), should be used at the same time. If they are no longer effective, the fourth step can be used instead.


During the treatment, the blood pressure can be properly controlled. After a period of consolidation, we can try to reduce the drug, that is, gradually "down the ladder" method, directly reduce to the minimum drug and the minimum dose, and still keep the blood pressure stable, so as to obtain the drug dosage suitable for each patient. At the same time, it also reduces the side effects of drugs, and the curative effect can reach the best individual level.


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