The harm of not wearing condoms is easy to cause gynecological inflammation. Women who often use condoms have more chances of vaginitis and cervicitis, which is also an objective problem. Therefore, women are more likely to have gynecological inflammation.


This has led to an increase in gynecological inflammation among women who use condoms.


Easy to infect, often use condoms, in order to achieve lubrication effect, condoms usually add a lot of oil outside, these mineral oil in the vagina is not easy to clean, will damage the vagina immune system.


It destroys the acidic environment in the vagina, making it easier for bacteria to breed.


Easy to cause cervical erosion, sexual life condoms constantly impact and friction of the cervix, will inevitably cause damage to the cervix.


When people often use condoms, it's not easy to repair the damage to the cervix. Coupled with the change of the acidic environment in the vagina, bacteria breed and cause cervical erosion over time.


2. Can condom completely prevent virus? Traditional condom has safety defects. While traditional natural latex condom is effective in contraception, although it has a certain blocking effect on virus, it can never effectively prevent virus.


Condoms are safe contraception, but virus prevention is not safe.


Condom products on the market are mainly made of natural latex with natural cracks between 5000 and 70000 nm, which is enough to prevent human sperm head with a diameter of 5000 nm. However, the diameter of HIV is only 120 nm, the diameter of human papillomavirus is between 45 and 55 nm, and the diameter of large spherical particles in hepatitis B virus is 42 nm.


The volume of various viruses is far less than the natural cracks of natural latex. Even if condoms are used correctly, they may still be infected with sexually transmitted diseases.


3. Do you need condom during pregnancy? After pregnancy, although you don't have to worry about contraception, you still need to wear condom or take external ejaculation during pregnancy. After the prostaglandin in male semen is attracted by vaginal mucosa, it can promote the strong contraction of uterus after pregnancy, which will not only cause abdominal pain, but also easily lead to abortion and premature delivery.


Condom size condom is generally made of high-quality natural latex cylindrical film cover, length of 19 cm, distal has a 3 cm long sacs called seminal vesicles, is the place to store semen during sexual intercourse; the proximal opening (mouth) has a slightly elastic rubber band, it will be put on the penis, with the role of tightening the penis.


The model of condom is indicated on the package. Please identify it when you buy it.


Durex size can be divided into big, medium, small and extra small according to the opening diameter. The opening diameter of 35mm is large, 33mm is medium, 31mm is small and 29mm is extra small.


The size can be seen on the side of the general condom packaging box. In addition, the size can also be seen in the condom manual.


Many people will buy condoms, not only the condom has the effect of contraception, but also can prevent sexually transmitted diseases, but some people will fall off the condom in the process of use, therefore, to choose their own size.


Precautions for condom use: 1. Check the production date and expiration date before use. The expired condom has deteriorated and is easy to break, so it is not suitable for use; 2. The condom must be kept in a cool, dry environment without contact with acid, alkali and oil.


If contact with the above conditions become sticky, brittle, even in the shelf life should not be used; 3, condoms have different specifications, should be based on the size of the penis erection to choose the appropriate model, otherwise too tight easy to break, too loose easy to slip, will affect the effect of use; 4, the condom should not be unfolded in advance, but should be in the erection of the penis from the glans part of the homeopathy down; 5. Before putting on the glans, pinch the small air bag at the top of the condom for storing semen, so as to prevent the air in the air bag from expanding when it is heated, and promote the semen to overflow to the root of the penis during ejaculation; 6. The condom can only use water-based lubricant.


Vaseline, liquid paraffin, facial oil and cooking oil can increase the fragility of condom in a short time and accelerate its rupture; 7. If the condom is found to be cracked or slipped in use, it is not safe to replace the condom only, so sexual intercourse should be stopped immediately and the genitals should be cleaned with disinfectant; 8. After ejaculation, the condom should be pulled out together with the penis by pressing the bottom of the condom with fingers before penis weakness.




爱养生养身馆导读:肉类是我们生活中必不可少的食物,鸡肉、牛肉、羊肉、猪肉等等。Meat is an essential food in our life, such as chicken, beef, mutton, pork and so on.3




那么,春节吃什么水果好呢?来看看下文的推荐吧。So, what fruit is good for Spring Festival? Take a look at the recommendations below.2、雪梨雪梨能消滞解腻清理肠胃:营养


蒜蓉菠菜粉丝原料:菠菜、粉丝、虾米、鸡蛋、大蒜、香菜。Raw materials of mashed garlic spinach vermicelli: spinach, vermicelli, shrimps, eggs, garlic, coriander.


因此,心脏病的早期,患者会自觉到头痛、头晕、四肢无力、精神不易集中等症状。Therefore, in the early stage of heart disease, patients will consciously have headache,


那么,耳鸣吃什么食物好呢?下面来介绍一些耳鸣吃什么食物好吧!耳鸣吃什么食物好1、牛奶牛奶中几乎含有所有人类所需的维生素。So, what kind of food is good for tinnitus? Let




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