However, there are also patients who want to retain the gallbladder. For this kind of gallbladder preserving lithotomy, there are strict clinical standards.


For patients over 50 years old and with gallbladder atrophy, functional degradation or canceration, cholecystectomy is necessary for the treatment of gallstones; only those with single gallstone, good gallbladder function and gallbladder wall less than 4 mm can be considered for gallbladder preserving surgery.


2. The etiology of gallstones is sedentary and less active. Some people have less exercise and physical labor. As time goes on, the contractile force of gallbladder muscle will inevitably decrease and the bile emptying will be delayed, which will easily lead to cholestasis and precipitation of cholesterol crystals, which will create conditions for the formation of gallstones.


3. The clinical manifestations of gallstones depend on the size and location of stones, as well as the presence of obstruction and inflammation.


Large gallstone can cause the middle or right upper abdomen distension discomfort, belching and anorexia of greasy food and other dyspepsia symptoms.


Small stones often block the cystic duct after having a full meal, eating greasy food, or lying on their back at night, resulting in biliary colic and acute cholecystitis.


Due to the contraction of the gallbladder, small stones may enter the common bile duct through the cystic duct and cause obstructive jaundice. Then some stones can be discharged into the duodenum through the bile duct, while some stones stay in the bile duct and become secondary bile duct stones.


Gallstone in the absence of infection, generally no special signs or only the right upper abdomen mild tenderness.


But when there is acute infection, can appear in the upper abdomen and right upper abdomen tenderness, muscle tension, and sometimes palpable swelling and tenderness obvious gallbladder.


2. Active treatment of urinary tract infection.


4. Adjusting the pH of urine can prevent the occurrence of urinary calculi. For example, urate and oxalate will form in acidic urine, and phosphate and carbonate will form in alkaline urine.


5. To prevent metabolic diseases, if hyperthyroidism should be active surgical treatment.


The harm of gallstones to human body 1. About 20 "asymptomatic" gallstone patients appear biliary colic every year.


When the oil meal or at night, gallstone easily stuck in the neck of the gallbladder or cystic duct, once the stone incarcerated, the bile in the gallbladder can not flow out, so that the pressure in the gallbladder increases, the gallbladder expands, and the gallbladder has to strengthen its contraction in order to discharge its bile.


Gallbladder in a short period of time rapid expansion and contraction will produce severe colic.


This kind of colic is often continuous paroxysmal aggravation, severe shock and even life-threatening.


In addition, some small stones fall into the common bile duct and discharge into the duodenum. Each time they fall into the common bile duct, they can damage the sphincter of the hepatopancreas at the end of the common bile duct. If this happens repeatedly, the end of the common bile duct will be narrowed, followed by common bile duct stones and biliary pancreatitis.


不过,也有患者希望保留胆囊,对于这种保胆取石手术,临床上有严格的标准。However, there are also patients who want to retain the gallbladder. For this kind of gallbla


故上气不足,脑为之不满,耳为之苦鸣,头为之苦倾,目为之眩。Therefore, the upper Qi is insufficient, the brain is dissatisfied with it, the ears are bitter, the head


文章目录一、胆囊结石危害二、胆囊结石怎么办三、胆囊结石的偏方胆囊结石危害1、胆囊结石危害慢性刺激,可使胆壁诱发胆囊癌变。Contents 1. Gallstone hazards 2. How to de


不吃早餐现代许多人不吃早餐,而长期不吃早餐会使胆汁浓度增加,有利于细菌繁殖,容易促进胆结石的形成。Do not eat breakfast, many modern people do not eat breakfast, an


胆汁反流是指通常因胃的幽门功能发生紊乱,幽门括约肌的机能失调。Bile reflux is usually due to gastric pyloric dysfunction, pyloric sphincter dysfunction.由于幽门松




生理性黄疸新生儿一般情况好,无贫血,肝脾不肿大,肝功能正常,不发生核黄疸。Physiological jaundice newborn general condition is good, no anemia, liver and spleen is n


胆固醇的吸收率只有30%,随着食物胆固醇含量的增加,吸收率还要下降,200mg大约相当于1个鸡蛋中的胆固醇含量或3-4个鸡蛋的胆固醇吸收量。The absorption rate of cholesterol


三维超声成像三维超声成像检查可以使胆囊具有立体感,有直视胆囊剖面的效果,可弥补二维显像某些不足,是常见的胆囊息肉的检查方法。Three dimensional ultrasound imaging th


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