How to relieve the pain of cholecystitis 2. What are the causes of cholecystitis? 3. What are the hazards of cholecystitis? How to relieve the pain of cholecystitis? 1. How to relieve the pain of cholecystitis 1. 1. Make the patient lie on his back with his legs stretched out and slightly wider than his shoulder.


The applicator sits in front of the patient's foot, holds the ankle of the patient's left foot with his left hand, rotates the left foot outward for about 40 degrees, and then presses the pain point, and pushes from the bottom to the target of the acupoints of Shimen and Riyue.


Make the patient take off his clothes and lie on his prone position. Press the Three Acupoints of Ganshu, Danshu and Pishu with thumb or palm.


1.3. Make the patient lie on his left side, straighten his right hand and lift it to his head. The applicator stands in front of the patient's lateral position and holds the elbow of the patient's right hand with his left hand. At the same time, pull up the patient's right hand, and push Hegu (toward the liver) in reverse direction after staying for a long time.


2. 1. Herba Lysimachiae for cholecystitis: 30 grams of Herba Lysimachiae, 15 grams of Herba Artemisiae, 15 grams of Curcuma, 9 grams of Fructus aurantii and 9 grams of Radix et Rhizoma Rhei.


In order to better play out the efficacy, it is best to take it after meals every day, 1 dose per day.


2.2. Remove gallstones with Yinchen bile duct Decoction: 78 grams of Yinchen, 39 grams of gardenia, 9 grams of Scutellaria, 39 grams of accumulated shells, 39 grams of Aucklandia, 39 grams of rhubarb, 78 grams of Lysimachia christinae, 39 grams of Bupleurum.


Then take it in water, three times a day, 100ml each time.


2.3, kiwi fruit treatment of cholecystitis: first prepared to weigh two monkey peach, 5 grams of black tea, 20 grams of red dates.


Invigorating spleen, benefiting gallbladder, detoxifying and anticancer.

3、 胆囊炎患者饮食禁忌3.1、鸡蛋:鸡蛋性平,味甘,虽有滋阴润燥,养血补益作用,但胆囊疾病之人应当忌食现代医学认为,鸡蛋含胆固醇量极高,而胆结石形成的因素之一包括胆固醇代谢失调,故应忌食含高胆固醇食品。

3. 1, egg: the egg is flat in nature and sweet in taste. Although it has the function of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, nourishing blood and tonifying benefits, people with gallbladder diseases should avoid eating modern medicine. It is believed that eggs contain high cholesterol, and one of the factors of gallstone formation includes cholesterol metabolism disorder, so high cholesterol food should be avoided.


Li Shizhen of Ming Dynasty once said: "pepper is a hot, pungent and pure Yang substance. It has a strong smell because of its pungent Qi and heat helping fire.


What are the causes of cholecystitis? 1. Stone incarcerated in the cystic duct causes obstruction, cholestasis in the gallbladder, and concentrated bile salt damages the gallbladder mucosa and causes inflammation.


Sometimes it radiates to the right shoulder, scapula and back, accompanied by nausea, vomiting and anorexia.


Chronic cholecystitis also has anorexia greasy food, abdominal distension, belching and other gastrointestinal symptoms, the right upper abdomen and shoulder dull pain and other chronic manifestations.


If it's just back pain before and after getting up in the morning, it's not clear that it's cholecystitis.


文章目录一、胆囊炎疼痛如何缓解二、引起胆囊炎的原因有哪些三、胆囊炎的危害有哪些胆囊炎疼痛如何缓解1、胆囊炎疼痛如何缓解1.1、令病人仰卧,两腿伸直叉开略宽于肩。How t


在日常生活中的主要是一些手术治疗和用药治疗在饮食方面的一定要注意,可以多吃一些新鲜的蔬菜和水果啊吃一些低脂肪低胆固醇的食物。In daily life, there are mainly some


二、为什么有吃早餐的习惯仍然会得胆结石?专家解释,得胆囊结石与很多因素有关。2、 Why does the habit of having breakfast still get gallstone? Experts explained that g


胆汁是有助于吸收脂质和脂溶性维生素的消化液。Bile is the digestive fluid that helps to absorb lipids and fat soluble vitamins.肝脏所生产的胆汁会被运送至胆囊后蓄


5、脂肪肝、肝脏肿瘤、胆道梗阻、胆道结石、胰头癌等致胆汁排出障碍而使肝脏合成胆固醇能力增强,血中总胆固醇浓度升高,其中以游离胆固醇升高为主。5. Fatty liver, liver t


可以在医生的指导下服用菌丹平肝胶囊、复方菌黄颗粒,以及丹参注射液等退黄药物。Under the guidance of doctors, Jundan Pinggan capsule, compound junhuang granules, an


胆结石患者应打消对胆囊切除手术的顾虑。Patients with gallstones should be relieved of their concerns about cholecystectomy.胆囊具有浓缩和储存胆汁功能,胆汁则由肝


文章目录一、新生儿全身黄疸怎么办1. 新生儿全身黄疸怎么办之日常护理2. 新生儿全身黄疸怎么办之常规治疗3. 新生儿全身黄疸怎么办之注意观察二、新生儿黄疸的危害三、引起




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