The types and components of stones are not the same. The clinical manifestations depend on whether the stones are caused, but to infection, biliary obstruction and the location and degree of obstruction.

1、急性期 (1)急性胆囊炎 ①上腹或右上腹剧烈绞痛,可放射至右肩背部,甚至可诱发心绞痛,②可有不同程度的发热,③常有恶心、呕吐、腹胀和食欲下降等。

1. Acute stage (1) acute cholecystitis: ① severe colic in the upper abdomen or right upper abdomen, which can radiate to the back of the right shoulder and even induce angina pectoris; ② there may be fever in different degrees; ③ nausea, vomiting, abdominal distension and loss of appetite are often found.


(2) Chronic calculous cholecystitis has a history of recurrent attacks or colic, which is more frequent at the turn of winter and autumn.


Due to the chronic stimulation of gallstone to gallbladder mucosa, it may also lead to the occurrence of gallbladder cancer. It has been reported that the incidence of this kind of gallbladder cancer can reach 1-2%.

哪些人易患胆结石? 1、女性 胆结石病人中女性占70%,且怀孕次数越多,发病率越高。

Who are susceptible to gallstones? 1, women account for 70% of gallstones, and the more pregnant, the higher the incidence rate.

4、饮食偏荤、偏甜或不吃早餐者 饮食偏荤喜甜者,其脂肪和胆固醇摄入多,易形成胆固醇结石;甜食过多又促进胰岛素分泌,会加速胆固醇沉积;经常不吃早餐会使胆酸含量减少,胆汁浓缩,利于结石形成。

4. Those who eat meat or sweet food or don't eat breakfast tend to have more fat and cholesterol intake, which is easy to form cholesterol stones; too much sweet food can promote insulin secretion, which will accelerate cholesterol deposition; often do not eat breakfast will reduce the content of bile acid, bile concentration, conducive to the formation of stones.

7、体内有蛔虫者 饮食不洁感染蛔虫病者,蛔虫逆流至胆道产卵或死亡后,就会成为结石核心,生成结石。

7. If the Ascaris lumbricoides are found in the body, their diet is not clean, and those infected with Ascaris lumbricoides will become the core of the stones and form stones when they return to the biliary tract to lay eggs or die.

胆石症有哪些并发疾病? 1、气肿性胆囊炎,是胆囊炎的变型,应及时进行外科手术治疗。

What concurrent diseases does cholelithiasis have? 1. Emphysematous cholecystitis is a variant of cholecystitis, which should be treated with surgical operation in time.


2. Open perforation is a rare complication. The mortality rate can be as high as 25%. It should be treated by operation and antibiotics.


结石的种类和成分不完全相同,临床表现取决与结石是否引起但到感染、胆道梗阻及梗阻的部位和程度。The types and components of stones are not the same. The clinical man


2、新生儿测黄疸可以通过红细胞脆性试验怀疑黄疸由于溶血引起,但又排除血型不合溶血病,可做本试验。2. Neonatal jaundice can be detected by erythrocyte fragility test,


文章目录一、黄疸肝炎去检查哪一项1. 黄疸肝炎去检查什么2. 黄疸肝炎有什么症状3. 黄疸肝炎有什么危害二、黄疸肝炎如何治疗三、黄疸肝炎吃什么好黄疸肝炎去检查哪一项1、黄






所以胆结石吃药是能排出的。So gallstones can be discharged by taking medicine.容易造成胆管的损伤,在胆管损伤的病例中绝大多数是由胆囊切除引起,在胆囊切除手术过程中,


有的病人有恶心呕吐的症状,而且呕吐后不能缓解腹痛,呕吐频度与腹痛次数非常频繁。Some patients have symptoms of nausea and vomiting, and can not relieve abdominal pa


1.2、保持患者大便通畅,如有便秘,因及时治疗,帮助减轻黄疸症状。1.2. Keep the patient's stool unobstructed. In case of constipation, timely treatment can help relie


其组成成分有毛细血管、成纤维细胞及慢性炎症细胞,息肉周围的胆囊壁有明显炎症,至今尚无癌变报道。There are capillaries, fibroblasts and chronic inflammatory cells. T


肝硬化患者纤维细胞增生,肝脏发生病变,由于肝小叶结构被破坏,造成毛细胆管破裂。In patients with liver cirrhosis, fibrocytes proliferate and liver lesions occur.而肝


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