用法:金钱草,狗宝洗净,捣碎研成细末,猪肝洗净,入沸水中氽透,用凉水冲洗干净,沥去水分,切成片,放在碗内,撤 上药末,拌匀,加葱节,姜片,清汤,入笼中蒸30分钟左右, 取出,泌出汤汁,加食盐,味精调味,用以佐餐。

Usage: wash Lysimachia christinae and goubao, mash and grind into fine powder, wash pig liver, pour into boiling water, rinse thoroughly with cold water, drain water, cut into slices, put in bowl, remove medicine powder, mix well, add onion section, ginger slices, clear soup, steam in cage for about 30 minutes, take out, secrete soup, add salt, monosodium glutamate seasoning, to accompany meals.


Usage: wash corn silk, dry in the sun, cut into small sections, brew with boiling water, and drink instead of tea.


Function: clearing away heat and promoting gallbladder; suitable for bile duct stones.


Usage: wash the rhizome of Imperata and pork, cut the meat into pieces, cut the root of Imperata into small pieces, put them into the casserole together, add seasoning, add water, and then boil it over a high fire, and then warm the meat until it is cooked and rotten. Eat meat and drink soup.

4、 金钱草粥组成:新鲜金钱草60克 ,粳米50克,冰糖15克。

4. Jinqiancao congee composition: 60 grams of fresh Lysimachia, 50 grams of Japonica rice, 15 grams of rock sugar.


Function: clearing away heat and dampness, promoting gall and removing jaundice; suitable for dampness and heat accumulation in liver and gallbladder, bile duct stones, frequent pain under ribs, anorexia and greasy.

5、胆石通糖浆组成:郁金15克,广木香15克,黄芩15克,茵陈25克 ,川楝子9克,虎杖30克,玉米须20克,白糖适量。

5. Danshitong syrup composition: 15 grams of Curcuma, 15 grams of guangmuxiang, 15 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis, 25 grams of Artemisia capillaris, 9 grams of toosendan, 30 grams of Polygonum cuspidatum, 20 grams of corn silk, and appropriate amount of sugar.


Usage: put the above seven herbs into a casserole, add water to fry, filter out the liquid medicine, concentrate, dissolve the sugar, pour into it, and take it regularly.


7. Nowadays, most gallstones in lemon juice and apple juice are cholesterol stones, and the rich fruit acid contained in apple juice and lemon juice can dissolve cholesterol.


8. Drinking more water accounts for 70% of the human body. Drinking more water can effectively promote the metabolic function of the human body, which is conducive to the excretion of stone substances from the body and relieve the development of the disease. It is the simplest and practical diet therapy for gallstones.


2. To use vegetable oil fried dishes, the dishes to stew, stew, steam based.


5. If you want to have breakfast, don't spend too long on an empty stomach.


7. To lose weight.


8. Avoid foods with high cholesterol, such as animal heart, liver, brain, intestine, egg yolk, egg yolk, fish roe and chocolate.


10. Avoid eating and drinking during holidays or parties.


12. Avoid smoking, alcohol, coffee and so on. These irritating foods will make the stomach acid too much and the gall bladder will be collected violently, which will lead to sphincter spasm of biliary tract mouth, difficulty in bile excretion, and easy to induce biliary colic.


How to prevent gallstones 1. Diet regulation is the most ideal prevention method to prevent gallstone disease and gallbladder cancer.


1.1. In order to prevent gallstones, we should pay attention to the diet regulation, and the diet should be diversified. In addition, raw and cold, greasy, high protein, stimulating food and strong liquor are easy to help damp and generate heat, which leads to cholestasis. We should also eat less.


1.2. Vegetables and fruits, fish and seafood rich in vitamin A and vitamin C are helpful for clearing gallbladder and dampness and dissolving stones, so they should be eaten more.


3. If the parents have gallstone patients, pay attention to the relevant preventive physical examination.


所以要时刻注意自己的身体各方面的变化。So always pay attention to the changes in all aspects of your body.2、导致胆结石的原因2.1、喜静少动:有些人运动和体力劳动少


用法:金钱草,狗宝洗净,捣碎研成细末,猪肝洗净,入沸水中氽透,用凉水冲洗干净,沥去水分,切成片,放在碗内,撤 上药末,拌匀,加葱节,姜片,清汤,入笼中蒸30分钟左右, 取出,泌出汤




血脂异常患者每周不要超过2—3个鸡蛋。Patients with dyslipidemia should not exceed 2-3 eggs per week.5、第五位是奶油、黄油等这些油脂中的饱和脂肪酸还可以促进肝脏合


目前可以保守治疗,吃点利胆的药或者不吃也行,平时注意作息规律和饮食,饮食清淡、三餐吃好、多做运动有利于对息肉的控制。At present, it can be treated conservatively. T


特别是老年人和糖尿病患者,病情变化较快,更应注意。Especially the elderly and diabetic patients, the disease changes quickly, more attention should be paid.2、胆囊


如:辣椒油、咖喱粉、花椒粉等。Such as: chili oil, curry powder, pepper powder, etc.胆囊癌的特点是误诊率很高,因为往往患者是在接受胆囊结石手术时,才被发现患上了胆囊


苦泄寒清而利湿,利胆退黄,用于湿热黄疸证。It is used for damp heat jaundice syndrome.吃哪些食物可利湿退黄呢?1、红豆是利水、消肿、清热佳品,尤其适合夏季食用,能散热燥


此外,橙子还具有行气化痰、健脾温胃、助消化、增食欲等药用功效。In addition, orange also has the function of promoting qi and resolving phlegm, strengthening splee


果胶是一种多糖物质,有助于控制血糖和血脂。Pectin is a polysaccharide that helps control blood sugar and blood lipids.山楂含钙量在秋季水果中最高,每百克果肉中含钙5


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