The liver reserve function of cancer patients is very poor. This should be fully considered in the selection of drugs including anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-cancer traditional Chinese medicine and other treatment measures, otherwise the patient's condition will worsen and even endanger his life, rather than the liver cancer itself.


Epidemiological and experimental data show that hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection, aflatoxin, drinking water pollution, alcohol, liver cirrhosis, sex hormones, nitrosamines and trace elements are all related to the incidence of liver cancer.


3. Surgical treatment is the first choice and the most effective way to treat liver cancer.


The operation methods are: radical hepatectomy, palliative hepatectomy and so on.


For unresectable liver cancer, the treatment of intraoperative ligation of hepatic artery, transcatheter arterial chemoembolization, radiofrequency, cryotherapy, laser and microwave can be used according to the specific conditions.


Primary liver cancer is also one of the indications for liver transplantation.


For patients with unresectable cancer after laparotomy, or as a follow-up treatment for palliative tumor resection, regional chemoembolization can be performed with hepatic artery and/or portal vein pump (subcutaneous embedding perfusion device); for those who are estimated to be unresectable, radiointerventional therapy can also be used, and selective catheterization through femoral artery into hepatic artery can be performed, Embolic agents (such as lipiodol) and anticancer drugs were injected into the embolic agents, and some patients could get the chance of surgical resection.


How to prevent liver cancer: 1. To avoid emotional fluctuations and maintain optimistic mental state, we should try our best to avoid or reduce various stimulating activities that cause emotional fluctuations; 2, avoid excessive fatigue: excessive mental or physical labor can not only reduce the body resistance of patients with liver cancer, promote the recurrence or metastasis of cancer, but also aggravate liver damage, leading to deterioration of the disease; 3. Get rid of bad life style or habits: avoid smoking and drinking, do not eat moldy grain, eat less pickled meat products, etc.; 4. Regular life, daily life, outdoor activities, diet nutrition, physical exercise, regular; 5, avoid infection of hepatitis B and hepatitis C.


The prevention and treatment of liver cancer has a long way to go.


We understand the preventive measures of liver cancer, we must not ignore these problems in life, many diseases are caused by our neglect.


Liver cancer patients with anorexia, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, fatigue and weight loss and other symptoms, life can be dietotherapy, to help patients alleviate pain.


Efficacy: Invigorating the spleen and dampness, replenishing qi and blood, suitable for the health of patients with liver cancer.


Production: stir eggs, add lotus root juice, add a little rock sugar, steaming can be done, often take.


癌患者其肝脏储备功能很差,在选用药物包括消炎药抗癌中药及其它治疗措施时应充分考虑到这点,否则患者病情加重,甚至危及生命,而非肝癌本身所致。The liver reserve function


结石亦可长期梗阻胆囊管而不发生感染,仅形成胆囊积水,此时便可触及无明显压痛的肿大胆囊。Gallstones can also obstruct the cystic duct for a long time without infecti


2、胆囊结石的病因胆囊结石与多种因素有关。2. The etiology of cholecystolithiasis is related to many factors.任何影响胆固醇与胆汁酸浓度比例改变和造成胆汁淤滞的因


一般认为,胆囊息肉是胆囊癌的诱发因素,近些年来国内外也有许多关于胆囊息肉癌变的报道,尤其在伴有结石时,癌变机率会明显提高。It is generally believed that gallbladder


腺瘤性息肉:此种类型的息肉属于真性息肉,可合并慢性胆囊炎和胆结石.多见于老年人,其直径大小多为0.2—2厘米。Adenomatous polyp: this type of polyp is true polyp, can b


细菌病毒的身体感染可以导致孩子出现黄疸问题,比如肝炎病毒的感染,血吸虫感染,钩端螺旋体感染等。Bacterial virus infection can lead to jaundice in children, such as h




2、清肝利胆的食疗方泥鳅炖豆腐:泥鳅500克,豆腐250克。2. Stewed tofu with loach: 500g loach, 250g tofu.将泥鳅加食盐、黄酒、水适量,炖至五成熟,加入豆腐,再炖至鱼熟烂


多补充水分可以降低血液的粘稠度,也有利于胆汁的分泌。More water supplement can reduce the blood viscosity, but also conducive to the secretion of bile.2、预防结石


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