Contents 1. Differences between chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis; 2. Etiology of cholelithiasis; 3. Nursing care of cholecystitis complicated with cholelithiasis; 1. Difference between chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis; 2. Chronic cholecystitis and cholelithiasis are common digestive system diseases, and they often exist at the same time and cause and effect each other. Therefore, they are described together.

慢性胆囊炎(chronic cholecystitis),系胆囊慢性病变,大多数合并胆囊结石,少数为非胆石性慢性胆囊炎。

Chronic cholecystitis is a chronic disease of the gallbladder, most of which are complicated with gallstones and a few are non gallstone chronic cholecystitis.

胆石症(gallstones或choleliths), 胆管或胆囊产生胆石而引起剧烈的腹痛、黄疸、发烧等症状之疾病,称为“胆石症”。

Gallstones (gallstones or choleliths) is a disease in which gallstones are produced in the bile duct or gallbladder and cause severe abdominal pain, jaundice, fever and other symptoms.


2.3, right upper abdominal pain: patients often feel right scapula or right lumbar dull pain, sometimes similar to biliary colic.


Occasionally, the enlarged gallbladder can be palpated, and tenderness can be found on the right side of the 8th to 10th thoracic vertebrae.

3、慢性胆囊炎的病因3.1、慢性结石性胆囊炎 与急性胆囊炎一样,因为胆囊结石引起急性胆囊炎反复小发作而成,也即慢性胆囊炎和急性胆囊炎是同一疾病不同阶段的表现。

3. The etiology of chronic cholecystitis 3.1, chronic calculous cholecystitis and acute cholecystitis, because gallstones caused acute cholecystitis repeated small attacks, that is, chronic cholecystitis and acute cholecystitis are different stages of the same disease.

3.3、伴有结石的慢性萎缩性胆囊炎 又称瓷瓶样胆囊。

3. 3. Chronic atrophic cholecystitis with stone is also called porcelain bottle gallbladder.


2. Ethnic factors are also associated with the disease. For example, the prevalence of gallstone in American Western Indians is more than 75%, which is the highest incidence of gallstone in the world.


3. In eating habits, the incidence rate of gallstones or cholesterol gallstones is higher in any category of protein, fat or sugar.


5. Some endocrine hormone levels are also associated with gallstone formation.


Pregnancy, obesity, westernized diet, total parenteral nutrition and other factors can increase the risk of gallstone.


Cholecystitis combined with cholelithiasis nursing 1, maintain good mood: because of the long duration of chronic cholecystitis, easy to relapse, only rely on short-term hospital treatment and rehabilitation can not solve the actual problems of patients.


The nursing staff should give emotional support and psychological guidance according to the actual psychological changes of specific patients in each stage of rehabilitation, so as to keep them in good mood in long-term life and work in the future.


In addition, social and family support should be mobilized, which not only provides convenience for patients, but also enables them to feel the warmth of the environment and strengthen their confidence in the treatment of diseases.


Generally speaking, although the disease is difficult to completely cure, but the canceration rate is about 3%. Therefore, patients should strengthen confidence and actively treat.


3. Reasonable diet: quit smoking and drinking, avoid high fat, high cholesterol, high calorie food, each meal ration, nutrition balance, in the acute attack more control diet.




男人也有同样的功效,就是比率没有那么高。Men have the same effect, but the ratio is not that high.不吃早餐现代许多人不吃早餐,而长期不吃早餐会使胆汁浓度增加,有利于


有症状者最常见的症状为上腹部闷胀不适,一般不重,多可耐受。The most common symptom of symptomatic patients is epigastric distension, which is generally not heavy a


每次20克,日3次,饭后开水冲服,2周为1疗程。20 g each time, 3 times a day, boiled water after meals, 2 weeks as a course of treatment.1.2、金钱草,金钱草50克,柴胡15


积极治疗能引起胆囊结石的一些原发病。Active treatment can cause some primary diseases of gallstone.保持良好的情绪。Keep a good mood.如果一个人长期精神紧张、抑郁,


腹部乎片多可显示肾、输尿管结石。Most abdominal radiographs can show kidney and ureteral stones.壶腹癌或胰头癌,伴有黄疸者密作鉴别,该病起病缓慢,黄疸呈进行性加重;


新生儿在生后2-3天开始出现黄疸,4-5天后最明显,7-14天自然消退,一般情况良好,无不良反应,称“生理性黄疸”。Neonatal jaundice began to appear in 2-3 days after birth,


2、鸡胆汁黄瓜饮原料:黄瓜100g,洗净煎水100mi,新鲜鸡胆1个,做法:取汁冲服。2. Chicken bile cucumber drink raw material: cucumber 100g, wash water 100mi, fresh chicke


2、胆红素偏高会传染吗引起胆红素升高的原因有很多,即有生理性的、也有病理性的。2. Can bilirubin on the high side infect? The reason that causes bilirubin to rise h


在机体的免疫反应作用下,一起损害肝细胞,使肝细胞水肿、破坏使肝脏组织发生炎性浸润,充血、水肿、渗出、肝细胞变性和坏死等一系列变化。In the body's immune response, da


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