How to deal with cholecystitis and cholelithiasis in the elderly? 2. What harm does cholecystitis do to the body? 3. Folk prescription for gallstone. How to do well in cholecystitis and cholelithiasis in the elderly 1. How to do well in cholecystitis and cholelithiasis in the elderly? Many patients with gallstones will be accompanied by cholecystitis. They often eat high protein food, high fat food and high calorie food, Are very easy to induce cholecystitis.


Patients should drink more water, eat light and easy to digest, try not to eat more raw, cold and spicy food, less fat, less calories, less fat, such as eggs. At the same time, they should quit smoking and alcohol, and eat less and more meals.


Fat meat, fried food, dry fruit, kernel food and egg yolk, animal brain, liver, kidney and roe should be strictly controlled.


2. What is cholecystitis cholelithiasis cholecystitis, cholelithiasis (gallstones) is a common disease in the elderly, frequently occurring.


3. Incidence rate incidence of cholecystitis and cholelithiasis is reported. The incidence rate of gallstone disease in adult women is 12%, and the incidence rate of 20% in elderly women over 65 years old.


How to solve their internal fear and anxiety, the first thing they think of is to see the expert clinic. However, experts have to face many patients every day, so it is difficult to take more time to fully communicate with each patient, which leads to some patients' dissatisfaction with medical services and poor compliance with medical orders, which affects the curative effect.


Often appear bile colic, gallbladder pyogenic, even necrosis, perforation, diffuse biliary peritonitis, shock and life-threatening.


Obstructive jaundice: gallstones can sometimes enter the common bile duct by themselves or under the effect of drug treatment, and then secondary choledocholithiasis. Once the stones are incarcerated, they can have biliary colic, chills, fever, yellow staining of the whole body, and septic shock.


Gallstone pancreatitis: epidemiological survey shows that in Western European countries such as Germany and France, about 40% of pancreatitis is caused by cholelithiasis; in Greece, Italy and other countries, the proportion rises to 75%; in China, 50% - 80% of pancreatitis is caused by gallstone.


However, many cases of gallstone complicated with pancreatitis are seldom recurred after cholecystectomy.


This fully shows that gallstone disease and pancreatitis are indeed related.


Gallbladder heart syndrome: gallstones lead to gallbladder lesions, through the stimulation of visceral sympathetic nerve, so that the heart coronary artery spasm, resulting in coronary artery blood volume reduction, and thus angina pectoris, known as "gallbladder heart syndrome.".


Once a day in the morning and evening for 3-5 days.


Add two bowls of water, put into the pot to boil, boil to a bowl of water, take once every 2 days, 1 month for a course of treatment, has a good effect on the relief of various types of stones.


3、 Pumpkin vine tea drink treatment gallstone, pumpkin vine 100 grams, wash clean, chopped, boiling water bubble when tea.


Don't touch spicy, wine and fat these days.




进食后,胆囊收缩,使胆汁浓缩成肠,与胃和十二指肠的分泌和蠕动同步。After eating, the gallbladder shrinks and the bile is concentrated into the intestine, which is s


如果结石太大,则需体外振波碎石,再吃药治疗。If the stone is too large, it needs extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, and then take medicine.2、胆囊结石病因胆囊


而在进行腹部检查的时候就会发现右上腹比较饱满,并且胆囊区还有腹肌紧张以及明显压痛的症状,而在胆结石同时发作的时候,患者的疼痛也就会更加的严重。And in the abdominal


因为勤吸吮可以加速胎粪的排出,降低血中的胆红素水平,减轻黄染的程度。Because frequent sucking can accelerate the discharge of meconium, reduce the level of bilirub


胆固醇高的原因1、吸烟:吸烟的危害是降低高密度脂蛋白水平,并增加血液凝块的风险。The reason of high cholesterol 1. Smoking: the harm of smoking is to reduce the lev




那么,吃什么清肝利胆呢?下文推荐9个食疗,试试吧。So, what to eat to clear liver and gall? Below recommend 9 dietotherapy, try it.一、吃什么清肝利胆?食疗:1、五汁饮梨、荸


3、增加不饱和脂肪酸的摄入:每周吃2次鱼,有条件可用橄榄油或茶籽油代替其它烹调用油。3. Increase the intake of unsaturated fatty acids: eat fish twice a week, if pos


文章目录一、慢性胆道感染治疗药物1. 治疗慢性胆道感染的中成药2. 治疗慢性胆道感染的西药3. 慢性胆道感染的饮食禁忌二、慢性胆道感染的症状三、慢性胆道感染的原因慢性胆


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