And in the abdominal examination will find that the right upper abdomen is more full, and the gallbladder area has abdominal muscle tension and obvious tenderness symptoms, and when gallstones attack at the same time, the patient's pain will be more serious.


Later, with the gradual aggravation of the disease, patients will not only have symptoms of dyspepsia, but also have symptoms of biliary colic. Once the pain appears, it will also radiate to the back of the right shoulder. Generally, it will last for several minutes or several hours before there is any sign of relief.


2. The difference between cholecystitis and gallstones 2.1, the difference between cholecystitis and gallstones, cholecystitis is common in patients with right rib pain, tongue coating is a little thick, urine and urine is not normal; gallstones are mainly people's small abdominal pain, and may be their own back and shoulder pain, in addition, there will be nausea, cold war and other symptoms.


This is the difference between cholecystitis and gallstones in the attack. If you feel that you have these symptoms, I suggest you go to the hospital for examination and confirmation, and then treat them.


2.2, different treatment methods, cholecystitis and gallstone differences, in addition to the attack is not the same, there is their treatment is different.


Cholecystitis can be used with drugs and usual conditioning, and gallstones need to be removed through surgery.


Patients with these two diseases, first confirm whether it is gallstone or cholecystitis, after confirmation, under the advice of professional doctors, carry out disease treatment.


3. Acute cholecystitis gallstone classification 3.1. Acute cholecystitis gallstones (calculous and non calculous) mostly occur in gallstones with gallstones, can also occur in patients with bile duct stones, systemic or biliary tract infection, biliary parasitic diseases, trauma, shock and so on can cause acute suppurative infection of gallbladder.


3.3. All cases of calculous cholecystitis were acute and chronic inflammation of gallbladder caused by stone mechanical stimulation and obstruction.


2. Ensure the supply of fresh vegetables and fruits.


Green leafy vegetables, can provide necessary vitamins and appropriate amount of cellulose, more should be guaranteed.


3. Reduce the intake of animal fat, such as fat and animal fat, and increase the proportion of vegetable oil such as corn oil, sunflower seed oil, peanut oil and soybean oil.


4. Avoid hot pepper, curry, mustard and other food with strong irritation, avoid alcohol, coffee and strong tea.


2. High fat food cholecystitis patients if eating greasy or high-fat food (such as peanut, milk, etc.), will cause recurrence, thus aggravating the disease.


3. Eggs get cholecystitis, eat some high fat, high protein food, will increase the burden of the gallbladder, is not conducive to the recovery of inflammation, severe pain.


4. Supercooled and overheated food warm food can make the muscles of bile duct mouth and bile duct wall relax, which is conducive to bile excretion, while supercooled or overheated food can make the sphincter of bile duct spasm, thus causing occult pain and colic in gallbladder area, so it should be avoided.


5. Because the fat produces acrolein under high temperature, fried food can reflexively cause bile duct spasm, which is unfavorable to bile duct diseases, so it should be fasted.


而在进行腹部检查的时候就会发现右上腹比较饱满,并且胆囊区还有腹肌紧张以及明显压痛的症状,而在胆结石同时发作的时候,患者的疼痛也就会更加的严重。And in the abdominal


因为勤吸吮可以加速胎粪的排出,降低血中的胆红素水平,减轻黄染的程度。Because frequent sucking can accelerate the discharge of meconium, reduce the level of bilirub


胆固醇高的原因1、吸烟:吸烟的危害是降低高密度脂蛋白水平,并增加血液凝块的风险。The reason of high cholesterol 1. Smoking: the harm of smoking is to reduce the lev




那么,吃什么清肝利胆呢?下文推荐9个食疗,试试吧。So, what to eat to clear liver and gall? Below recommend 9 dietotherapy, try it.一、吃什么清肝利胆?食疗:1、五汁饮梨、荸


3、增加不饱和脂肪酸的摄入:每周吃2次鱼,有条件可用橄榄油或茶籽油代替其它烹调用油。3. Increase the intake of unsaturated fatty acids: eat fish twice a week, if pos


文章目录一、慢性胆道感染治疗药物1. 治疗慢性胆道感染的中成药2. 治疗慢性胆道感染的西药3. 慢性胆道感染的饮食禁忌二、慢性胆道感染的症状三、慢性胆道感染的原因慢性胆


慢性胆囊炎一部分为急性胆囊炎迁延而成,但多数既往并无急性发作史。Part of chronic cholecystitis is caused by acute cholecystitis, but most of them have no history




2、发热急性胆囊炎发热一般在38~39℃,多无寒战。2. Fever, acute cholecystitis, fever is usually 38-39 ℃, and most of them have no chills.4、腹胀、嗳气及厌油腻等消


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