Love health and body building Guide: what do you eat in summer? In summer, the temperature is high and there is much rain, so people are easy to get hot and humid.


At this time, health care should focus on soothing liver and gallbladder, removing dampness and clearing away heat.


Eat more cholagogic food can be away from gallstones, gallbladder cancer and other diseases.


So, what does summer eat gall? Xiaobian recommends 10 kinds of food. Let's have a look.


What does summer eat cholagogue? 1. Wumei Wumei decoction can promote the contraction and cholagogic effect of gallbladder, which is conducive to drainage of bile in biliary tract, reducing and preventing biliary tract infection, and reducing the formation of gallstone core caused by Ascaris eggs in the bile duct, thus reducing the occurrence of cholelithiasis.


2. Corn must eat boiled corn, pay attention to leave the two inner layers of thin skin and corn silk together.


This is because corn must have cholagogic and diuretic effects.


Corn is a treasure all over the body. Even corn whiskers can be used to boil water for tea. It has the effects of eliminating edema, reducing blood sugar, clearing heat and dampness, clearing liver and gallbladder.


The corn silk and green tea with bubble, is a very simple and natural harmless weight loss tea.


3. Wax gourd and wax gourd juice has three main effects and functions: protecting the kidney, moistening the lung and promoting gall.


Wax gourd has diuretic and detumescence effects.


Wax gourd contains high content of potassium salt, more vitamin C, and low sodium salt content, which can reduce swelling and not damage the healthy qi of patients with edema, kidney disease and hypertension.


Wax gourd itself does not contain fat, heat is not high, it is of great significance to prevent human body from becoming fat.


In the soup, in fact, it is not necessary to remove the wax gourd skin.


Some people's water dampness stagnation, weaken the spleen and stomach, at this time can use wax gourd skin as an antidote, in addition to clearing heat and relieving heat, it can also benefit water and dampness.


When cooking wax gourd water, if the skin and pulp can be cooked together, the effect will be better.


4. Cucumber can promote appetite, regulate the digestive system, diuretic, cholagogic.


Cucumber is good for liver and kidney.


Cucumber is also a good weight loss product, it can prevent carbohydrates into fat.


People who want to lose weight should eat more cucumbers.


Don't throw away all the cucumbers.


Cucumber tail contains more bitter elements, so don't throw away all & quot; cucumber head & quot.


Monosodium glutamate has a unique effect on digestive tract inflammation.


Can stimulate the secretion of digestive juice, produce a large number of digestive enzymes, can make people appetite.


Kuweisu not only has the functions of invigorating the stomach, increasing gastrointestinal motility, helping digestion, clearing the liver, cholagogue and tranquilizing the mind, but also can prevent influenza.


5. Bitter gourd and bitter gourd are bitter because of its unique bitter ingredients cinchona cream, which can inhibit the over excited body temperature center and play an antipyretic role.


Bitter gourd ripe, pink color, taste is not very bitter, for the liver cholagogic, clear solution of blood heat.


Where suffering from hepatitis jaundice is the most appropriate to eat, can also be used to treat hemorrhoids caused by intestinal heat.


Balsam pear is bitter, but when it is combined with other ingredients, it will not penetrate into other ingredients. It is called "gentleman's dish";.


Momordica charantia and eggs can protect bones, teeth and blood vessels, so that iron can be absorbed better. It has the effect of invigorating the stomach. It can treat stomachache, eye pain, cold, typhoid fever and infantile diarrhea and vomiting.


6. Lotus root lotus root contains mucin protein and dietary fiber, which can combine with bile acid salt in human body, cholesterol and triglyceride in food, so that it can be excreted from feces, thus reducing the absorption of lipids.


Lotus root and mung bean can invigorate spleen and appetizer, soothe liver and gallbladder, clear heat and nourish blood, and lower blood pressure. It is suitable for patients with hepatobiliary diseases and hypertension.


7. Radish not only has the cholagogic effect, but also can help the digestion and absorption of fat.


White radish contains a lot of water, which can increase the peristalsis of the intestinal tract after taking it often, which can effectively discharge the body's excess waste and toxins.


It is better to cut the radish vertically so that the head, waist and tail of the radish are balanced.


As the saying goes: "the head of carrot is hot, it is dry, and its waist is just right.".


&This is due to the different nutritional components in different parts of radish.


8. Zizania latifolia is cool in nature and sweet in taste. It has the functions of dispelling heat, regulating intestines and stomach, lowering blood pressure, removing jaundice, detoxifying alcohol, promoting lactation, relieving thirst and diuresis.


Can clear heat and gall bladder, so gallbladder patients should eat, especially for cholecystitis and cholelithiasis with jaundice.


Zizania latifolia also has the function of relieving drunkenness.


9. The rich taurine contained in oysters has obvious hepatoprotective and cholagogic effects, which is also a good medicine for prevention and treatment of intrahepatic cholestasis during pregnancy; there are many excellent amino acids in the protein of oysters, which have detoxification effect and can remove toxic substances in the body, among which the aminoethyl sulfonic acid has the effect of reducing blood cholesterol concentration, so it can prevent arteriosclerosis To change.


If you choose to cook, boil the oyster shell completely. It is best to cook the oyster for 3-5 minutes after the shell is opened.


If you want to eat steamed, wait until the water is completely boiling, then put the oyster, and when the shell is fully opened, steam for 4-9 minutes.


10. Squid is worthy of praise is that squid is not only rich in protein and amino acids needed by human body, but also a low calorie food containing a lot of taurine.


Eating squid can effectively reduce the cholesterol accumulated in the blood vessel wall, which is quite effective in preventing vascular sclerosis and gallstone formation.


The above is the food to eat in summer, if you want to know more health knowledge, please pay attention to the love health and body building.


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